PS3 to upscale PS/PS2 games to 1080P?

While reading GAF about the PS2 hardware being pulled, somebody pointed to this ;

Just a quick word of warning for anybody who already owns an xbox360 or a PS3, the first time you start up the game and get the 'basch teaching you controls' section,
you'll think "jesus christ this looks terrible". Stick with it, after a couple of hours you'll be used to super-low res-o-vision and it doesn't really detract from the game.

unless of course your a complete git like me and are able to play it in high-def via a ps3 development kit and some really unstable firmware.

Then a little further down he says this ;

Nope, I took these screenies myself - will post a few more once I've fed the wee man and got him to sleep. They are writing a proper PSone and PS2 emulator
inside of the firmware, but the first step they've taken is to use the existing PSone and PS2 chipsets in the launch units and just off-load the rendering to the PS3,
which can then spruce it up with AA and render in 1080p (or 720p depending on your setup). It's going to be a while off yet.

So don't be alll boo-hooing about the EE&ES being removed from here on for the PAL launch as it's all being done for the right reasons.

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HaHa4308d ago

probably through a firmware upgrade or something like that. But GOD why won't they just hurry up and do it already!! I can't wait to play Final Fantast VII in HD

techie4308d ago (Edited 4308d ago )

Perhaps its a good idea to give people really low expectations and then on launch it will be better than ever. And we'll feel all stoopid and say 'aw sorry to have doubted you little ps3'...we can only hope.

ps. I'm very surprised i didn't get loads of negative feedback on those hardware change pages. i went on a slight rampage...perhaps I got sum respec from 360 fans. lol

Raist4308d ago

I think they should have announced this EE+GS removal BEFORE the line up details. Now people stay with a negative feeling about the EU launch.

And waiting launch day to communicate on the BC list isn't good either.

techie4308d ago

Yuh you're right and they could have said it in a more positive light. But I don't know...I think it's a big marketting scam to let us all down and then suprise us with things like this....because we already had an article about hardware revisions which included removal of the ps2 chip and said the system would be more efficient - quieter and cooler and I was hoping for that in the launch. I guess I'm getting that! I just hate waiting!

TheGoodMART4308d ago (Edited 4308d ago )

We all know that sony is loosing a lot of money with the ps3. So $37 * 1 Mill = 37 million (that's only 1 mill ps3 sold)that money could be used for getting exclusive games or more updates with more features. so THIS IS REALLY GOOD NEWS, for all of us.

calderra4308d ago

Yeah, release a half-baked product to most of the world, have completely different versions of your product floating around within 6 months, screw over various territories to varying degrees-

That's a GREAT way to manage expectation!

Or, you know, they could have just tried to get it right the first time instead of launching an alpha build of the console to most of the world- especially when they had a full year after Xbox 360's launch to study these features (they're now going to use the same emulation method as 360 is, essentially) and for some reason they only now seem to be getting the picture.

See also: Motorstorm. Launch half the game in Japan because of all your delays, then rebuild the game with all the stripped-out features for the US launch. Why bother getting it right the first time when you can "manage expectations"?

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XbugPosse4308d ago

Great news if that's true. The only hope now is their emulation software will be better than that of MS and most games will be supported.

Violater4308d ago (Edited 4308d ago )

nothing has been proved or officially announced.
Those screens look Photo edited to me, hopefully I'm wrong.

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