Achievements vs. Trophies: We Decide

In the past ten years video games have changed a lot; during the next-gen of gaming achievements and trophies have eased their way into our obsessive compulsive gamer heads. So…what exactly is an achievement or a trophy? What do they do and why should we care? Lastly which is better, the 360 Achievement or the PS3 Trophy? Honestly, they are two similar structures built out of different materials. They produce replay value by encouraging players to play in conventional and, sometimes, unconventional ways. Their biggest difference is presentation. Achievements hand out points, trophies hand out…well trophies. PlanetXbox360 decided to take a closer to see what these really have to offer. They found out that currently achievements and trophies are due for an overhaul and when choosing a preference, it's purely about time.

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Valkyrie833464d ago

Great article, I think achievements are the better least for now!

MasFlowKiller3464d ago (Edited 3464d ago )

To Me there the same SH!T.

Cant do much with both just Bragging Rights,

only difference is that one came with a console and the other one was implemented to a console.

too bad for Trophies, cause it part of the most....sorry THE MOST hated console out right now.

but to someone that own both and has tons of friend s in both PSN And Live there the same SH!T

socomnick3464d ago

Yea they kinda are the same, in most games they will be identical, word for word the same thing. The only real difference between achievements and trophies is that Achievements are in every single xbox 360 game and xbl game. While Trophies are in very few things atm.

Danja3464d ago

they're both the same thing...

but i'll admit im a trophy whore..

chaosatom3464d ago

is that it has a level up system, and it's easy to distinguish them by their gold, sliver bronze status.

Now as of 2009, all the game will have trophies.

Other than that they are same and no real advantage.

Kleptic3464d ago

i'll admit it too...trophies really got me to go back and play some games I owned and already completed...and because of that I really like the system...

I don't know...I don't own a 360...and everytime I play one I am on someone else's account...but I can't really see how someone would prefer the arbitrary numerical 'gamer score' over a trophy level...

with trophies...everyone is given an RPG like level...and a breakdown of how many of which type of trophy they can instantly see how many games someone has a platinum trophy in...the sort of does the same thing, but you would be sifting through games to see how many have 1000 points achieved...there is no filter that displays that instantly when viewing someone's profile iirc...

but whatever...I totally agree with the article in that both need an overhaul...trophies need integration with home and the PS websites...and additional filtering options within the xmb...

I just wish MGS4 would finally get the rumored patch...Konami stated it was more or less coming months ago...but it hasn't been brought up in forever...if you could actually earn a trophy for other people to see...I would be all about the no kill/no alert award...

Kushan3464d ago (Edited 3464d ago )

Kleptic, I agree with the main sentiment of what you're saying, but one thing I have to ask: Is there really a difference between the "Arbitrary numerical value" of a Gamerscore and an "arbitrary numerical value" of a trophy level?

Really (this is a general comment, not directed at you, Kleptic), I think anyone that tries to argue that one system is better than the other is just looking for a fight. They're the same thing, just implemented slightly differently. Sony probably didn't have much choice, either, if they'd shamelessly copied Achievements (like Blizzard and Steam have done - ooooo naughty!), people would have given them a lot of stick, so Kudos to them for thinking of a system that's more or less the same, but actually different.

I've said this before with regards to a lot of things, but even if you're a diehard fanboy that loves Trophies, at least give Microsoft credit for coming up with the idea of Achievements in the first place, without that there would be no trophies. End result is we all benefit.

SL1M DADDY3464d ago

An Xbox site saying Achievements are better than Trophies? I'm shocked.

*roll eyes*

godofthunder103464d ago

I agree with MasFlowKiller .This is just a stupid article.They are both the same thing.

TheFreak3464d ago

Kushan true that. Microsoft need cred for the achievement system. It is a brilliant system that they came up with that gives games replay value.

Kleptic have Konami talked about trophies for MGS4? That would be so sweeet man. I think its weird that they have not implemented this a long time ago.

Tempist3464d ago

I'm going to disagree. If they actually explored outside the realm of the multiplatform games they would notice that a lot of the PSN games have really challengening tropies.

WipeoutHD has some of the hardest trophies to get. LBP has trophies that can only be achived via your interaction online in getting community love for the levels you create, not to mention one of them is via playing a new person's level.

This article would have a better arguement if they argued their points better than meerly being dismissive of what's been going on with PS3 specific achievements/trophies rather than a gernal look at things.

shovelbum3464d ago

There is nothing like the sound of an unlocked achievement. It is amazing how something so meaningless holds so much power over gamers (achievement/trophy ho's). I want to trade in my achievements/trophies for store credit. When is that going to happen? Never I presume.

deeznuts3464d ago

I don't think you can declare a winner yet. I say, let the ninja foot in that picture decide.

Lifendz3464d ago

because they add longevity to games. You don't just play to beat the game, you now play to get that trophy. R2 is a great example. I'm keeping it to get my gold for 10k kills. I'm at 7 or so now and I can almost see that gold trophy on my mantle. In fact, were it not for Trophies in some games I probably wouldn't have rented/bought them or I would have sold them. Burnout prompted me to play through the whole thing again because trophies were incorporated. Same with Uncharted. I can't wait for Sony to add a gamercard like MS has that updates with whatever trohpies I've received and what my level is.

I'm a big fan of the achievement system that microsoft created and the trophy system that Sony innovated. Can't wait to see where they take it.

Mozilla893463d ago

Microsoft came up with the idea but Sony put their own twist on it that I think improves it. But there's nothing stopping MS from tweaking their system which they might do. The only real difference is its easier to tell at a first glance from trophies how skilled a player is.

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Gun_Senshi3464d ago

Both suck -_- annoying achivements and thropie wh0re.

MEGANE3464d ago

...this is one of the thing that sony took from MS and improved. Believed or not i had a 360 once and i never care about achievements in the other hand am always looking at my friends improvements on their trophies level which i think are easy to track ...but then again it was MS idea and SONY took from them and make it better

pixelsword3464d ago (Edited 3464d ago )

Insomniac called it "skill points" and it unlocked various things in the game, like skins or mirrored levels and the like. That at it out at least as early as the PS1 as far as I know.

SAiOSiN3463d ago

that's true. IG did invent it. It just made me mad that they didn't tell you what you need to do in order to get the skill point lol.

UltimaEnder3464d ago

For me both are a great idea, it gives an incentive to replay a game, or find that last collectable, or play one more match online.....which are all fantastic thinks for the VG industry, and the developers.....why hate on something so positive Gun_Senshi?

Halochampian3464d ago

Everyone thought it was a dumb idea and thought MS was crazy at first. I thought it was dumb at first.

I guess MS proved everyone wrong

Pixel_Addict3464d ago

... achievement/trophy accomplished.

sak5003464d ago


Achievements: Well thought out and excecuted gamer rewarding system
Trophies: Half baked, last min tagged on idea just like rumble in DS2, PSN, Firmware upgrade method etc.

Winner: Achievements (achievement unlocked - beaten ps3)

Gun_Senshi3464d ago

did you know that thropies and achivements are the same?
This is because the developer of the game makes them, not Sony or M$

Retarded Troll

UltimaEnder3464d ago

They are NOT the same thing, usually same game on multi platforms have different actual achievements/trophies, or am I wrong on this?

Omegasyde3464d ago

Please explain how trophies are half baked.

Both systems are the same, the Trophy system however has the Platinum which IMHO means you mastered that game. 10000 vs. a platinum trophy.

If home was well executed and brought the features that were talked about a year ago.For example a actual trophy room or rewarding players object for platinum trophies would win by a landslide and probably push more software toward ps3 versions.

rucky3464d ago

So you're basically admitting the whole 360 system is half baked too since it it didn't have HDMI and Jasper chip til later?

chrisnick3464d ago

its not half-baked nor late....the psn community was begging for some kind of award system (yes like the 360).....and they got it.....among other things (ingame xmb,music,profiles)....what company does that?

Kleptic3464d ago

sak is a known troll...he is not supposed to be posting in this zone...

don't reply to him...don't give him the attention...just remove bubbles and move on...

Pixel_Addict3464d ago (Edited 3464d ago )

your stupid comment must mean you hate your bubbles.. thats ok, we'll help you with those last three.

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hoplo3464d ago

i like them both. i feel the achievements are a little more rewarding though. good article, thanks.