LittleBigPlanet 1.08 patch is live now

Multiple reports from the field have arrived in Planetoid Central this evening to tell us that patch 1.08 has hit the servers, several weeks earlier than expected.

This patch, should contain some major bug fixes.

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poeo3458d ago

there were still "major" bugs? i haven't noticed really.. but then again i dont use the level creator (have no skills lol), maybe there were some bugs there.

or might this finally fix the counters, how many levels i've played etc?

King_many_layers3458d ago

yup major ones to do with Save data. Unfortunatly I've fallen prey to this one.

My problem's that I've experienced are:

1. I cannot up my overall percentage of collected goodies in levels. When I complete the levels it will say 100%, but if I turn off the game and back on, that will not have been saved and I'll still have my previous score.

2. This is similar to the above. When I create levels occasionally it shows it as saved, then when the game is reloaded it mayhave dissapeared.

DavidMacDougall3458d ago

Just in time getting my PS3 back tomorrow!

ElementX3458d ago

Back from where? Did it break?

Agent VX3458d ago

Of course it broke, I know a few people that have already shipped back their PS3.

Anyway, I stopped playing LBP the first week it came back. Boring as heck and way overrated. But my 8 year old nephew likes it.

swiftshot933458d ago

why do you keep trolling?

aiphanes3458d ago

Give it up dude...the PS3 is awesome why dont you get one when killzone 2 comes out or the next price drop in april?

hay3458d ago

@Agent VX: well, obviously, kid's smarter than you.

Please dude, you're capable of posting quality comments, why aren't you doing it all the time and waste everyone's time by trolling?

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PlayStation3603458d ago

The InfoMoon. Play/Create/Share scores. Anyone else have three zero's?

I had those frikkin' 0's since launch. :/

UnSelf3458d ago

no its certainly not a noob question becuz i have the same exact tthing. what strikes me as odd is that i was in the beta and there were actual numbers there not just 3 zeros. someone plz claify

poeo3458d ago

yeah i think everyone just has 0s, i read somewhere that it's on Media Molecule's "to do list" to fix it..

SL1M DADDY3458d ago

But they pulled the number system due to some bugs. They are in the works but the save data fix is far more needed at this point. Great game and regardless of any issues, it is by far one of the best games I have played in years.

swiftshot933458d ago

i have 34% of the trophies! LBP FTW!

steck673458d ago

Are the play, create and share points fixed because mine is still at zero.

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The story is too old to be commented.