Nintendo Power - TMNT Smash Up - 9 Scans

Here's some info from the scans:

- official title is TMNT: Smash Up
- dark, gritty graphics
- some real-world inspired locations: Manhattan skyline, unspecified jungle arena, motel roof
- defeat opponents by depleting health meter or via stage knock-out, much like the Smash Bros. series
- some context-sensitive moves
- no motion-controlled attacks, but there will be motion controls for other aspects
- levels change as you fight, start in one location and end up in another
- pizza restores health
- Peter Laird (TMNT co-creator) is writing the single-player story
- Mirage (comic publisher) is filling out the roster
- Splinter and the Turtles are the only confirmed fighters thus far
- 4-player online reconfirmed

Note, the first 9 scans are the ones from the Nintendo Power.

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chrisjc3461d ago


Tonight, I dine on turtle soup....

buy a ps33461d ago (Edited 3461d ago )


theusedfake3461d ago

Pizza dude's got 30 seconds.

Hiruma Youchi3461d ago


Raphy Vs Leo.

Raph got a red bandana and leo got a blue one. CKrabz suCKs so I'll go with Raphy SUWOOPP!

thats some pretty lame Art desing on the turtles omg.They should have stick with the ones from the TMNT fox box desings.

Marceles3461d ago (Edited 3461d ago )

Rising thunder!

Anyone remember TMNT Tournament Fighters on SNES?

FinalomegaS3460d ago

still have it! Haven't played it in ages.

TruthbeTold3460d ago

I still play it on occasion to this day. That game is a gem.

kesvalk3460d ago

it's only me or the Wii have the more fighting games than xbox360 and ps3?

i have at least 7 fighting games O.o

bigjclassic3460d ago

but the Wii isnt....hardcore.
Try telling that to Tatsunoko vs. Capcom.

Enigma_20993460d ago

... PASS. Will someone please make a Ninja Turtles II style TMNT game for me?

Product3460d ago

this could be good..i mean it is being created by the people who made Smash bros but i would like another Turtles in Time remake.
This gen needs more beat'em ups.

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