How to get the most out of your PS3

Techworldwide writes:

I'm writing this to give new Ps3 owners and some old ones the chance to realize how to make the most of your Ps3.

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JsonHenry3310d ago

I made the most out of mine using Ebay to sell it. : )

J/k! Seriously though, interesting reading.

Kyur4ThePain3310d ago

Why did you add "j/k" to the end of your post?
That's pretty much your usual tone. What changed?

dragunrising3310d ago

I keep RGB limited. When I calibrated my tv (with the help of AVS forums) I discovered that when I switched to Full it was too dark. for me :-)

karlostomy3310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

well kyur, it's the open zone.

the mods are trying to keep the open zone clean.
Hence anything that gets 2 or more 'reports' gets flagged for review by the mods and is frequently deleted.

hopefully, by writing j/k, people can see the humour of my comment and won't report (at least not straight away) like little children

As you know, people are touchy about their choice of plastic and silicon.
One mustn't upset them.
There seems to be a lot of people who harbour grudges and vendettas behind their anonymous computer screens.

Szarky3310d ago

I had the same problem. Limited is the way to go. Too many people forget that we want our TV's to display the picture as it is in real life. What I mean by that is you don't want fake colours. Just because it's brighter or more vibrant doesn't mean that's the way it's supposed to look.

SlyGuy3310d ago

Agreed. Many people turn RGB to full and see a Blacker XMB which looks great. Little do they know that they are likely CRUSHING their blacks in-game and in movies.

ONLY if your TV has the option to turn on RGB full, then turn it on for your PS3 as well. It looks slightly better IF the tv option is turned on.

Obama3310d ago

Turn it off? Sorry Karl, the ps3 doesn't overheat to death unlike some console.

TheFreak3309d ago

If you have a computer download ps3 media server. Its great to use for streaming avi, mp3 etc.

MegaMohsi3309d ago

RGB full provides benefits only for gaming, as games are usually developed under the PC range (0-255) so if your TV supports it turn it on for the XMB and games. Movies are always coded for video levels (16-235) so if you ever turn on RGB full for movies it will crush the blacks and whites. My advice if your tv supports it turn on rgb full and for movies leave it on automatic or y/pb/pr as rgb full won't affect it.


you care what the fk the mods thinks ? wow

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cyclindk3310d ago

Use a screwdriver or hammer... bada bing!

Thank you and goodnight

cyclindk3310d ago

Wha you mean?

Question: How to get most out of PS3

Answer: screwdriver/hammer

No make sense?


Bob Dole3310d ago

Actually that's not even a question so that makes it even more confusing.

TrevorPhillips3310d ago

We don't want to break the ps3 lol its just telling you how to get the most like resolutions games etc

cyclindk3309d ago

STOP! You ruin my crappy joke!!! GOSH! JEEZ! PLOOH!

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The story is too old to be commented.