New Off-Screen Screenshots and Video of Killzone 2

A new off-screen video of Killzone 2 has appeared on Turkish forum, Donanimhaber as well as new screens.


NOTE: There is no option to directly link to the post or video, you'll just have to scroll down till you get there nor is there an option to embed the video.

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GiantEnemyLobster3464d ago (Edited 3464d ago )

Sony needs to learn how to stop copying:

GiantEnemyLobster3464d ago

Anyone else notice how Psi-Ops, a PS2 game, has more color than GreyZone 2? LOL

Fishy Fingers3464d ago

All I notice is a jealous 360 owner with no games to occupy his time so resorting to trolling PS3 news.

Gobuz3464d ago

With each post you become more of an asshole, keep going..

thereapersson3464d ago

You are a complete idiot.

Oh hey Lobster, how's the next-gen version of Kill.Swit- err, I mean Gears of War treating you?

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cryymoar3464d ago

a guy that commented in the web site used the animated gif i made:

Gobuz3464d ago

Yea, its nice mate. Just noticed those head-shots, didn't realise you can blow their heads clean off >< that's brutal..

Kleptic3464d ago

yeah shotgun at close range will delete a head as well...

I wonder how much it changed the review build had some major tweaks to the gore system (no more gray dust coming off when an enemy gets hit, its like red mist now)...I haven' seen any head pops since the preview build...

Mr Tretton3464d ago

I notice you're an epic failure and not even close to as handsome or amazing as I.

n4gzz3464d ago

that's messed up. How are they getting to play early ??

hulk_bash19873464d ago

Like alot of Ps3 owners, ive been waiting 2 long for this game 2 not give it a go regardless of how the reviews peg it.

Madgunner3464d ago

so far reviwers have been giving nothing but praise so thats a good thing lets just hope killzone 2 can even win over the fanboy journalists .. ( yes im lookin at you Eurogamer/Edge)

hulk_bash19873464d ago

But da ball wont start rolling until the review embargo lifts, but like i sed wen dey do start 2 come in regardless of the outcome its still a 1st day, wait in line purchase, hands down.

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