Free download of Dark Messiah on Steam

A Portuguese web site is giving out serial codes for getting a free copy of Dark Messiah of Might and Magic.

Details in the link.


Win my spare keys here:

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Kushan3377d ago

Direct link is here: but the site seems to be getting some pretty heavy traffic right now.

xlx-russ_923377d ago

the link doesnt work, cuz their website is faked up.

panda1233377d ago

"Free download of Dark Messiah on Steam" really ? This game is not free it cots 10 bucks !

cruckel3376d ago

serious question, before i try to download it.

Jacobite3376d ago

In short yes.Dark Massaih is a good game, first person hack n slash with magic spells, great bosses,ok story and platform bits.What more can you want for free lol.