Phoenix Games reviews Animal Crossing: City Folk

All over the world newcomers to gaming – or people who haven't gamed since "Galaga" – are plugging their cool new Wii consoles into the living room TV and waiting to be dazzled. As Nintendo continues to put a Wii in the hands of those who normally wouldn't think of buying a game console, video game journalists are faced with a dilemma when reviewing most Wii games. In journalism you are taught to write for your audience. Now the audience has changed. So, for those of you who have never played an "Animal Crossing" game before and are looking for a cool twist on your Wii gaming experience I wholeheartedly endorse "Animal Crossing: City Folk." I'm also a fan of the Wii Speak peripheral that debuts with the game. It works well and fits right in line with Nintendo's "everyone in the pool" gaming attitude.

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