Capcom: "No Comment For Now" on RE5 360 Bundle

Endsights writes:

"We contacted a Capcom representative to ask them to confirm or deny the rumor. They did neither. The representative's phrasing, however, raises an eyebrow or two:

"No comment for now," the Capcom representative said."

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die_fiend3493d ago

In other words, yes it's coming

n4gzz3493d ago

I would buy another 360 if they bundle it with Halo Wars. My old one is over 3 yrs and its not working properly.

die_fiend3493d ago

Anyone who might be considering upgrading their console and likes Resident Evil? Or did you miss that that's who these bundles are probably for?

3493d ago
Madgunner3493d ago

are a turd, im a sony fan boy because i said who cares?.. the reason i said who cares its because a couple of days ago they had an article out saying they were bringing this out

Jerk1203493d ago

Well, you see, if this were a Ps3 bundle article I doubt you'd be here saying ''who cares''.

Why dis3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

Nah I agree with #2.2

You even being in here is contradicting and suggests an sour grapes stance.

re-read your original comment lol.

The reason you said "who cares" is because the response from the devs says more than some web rumor coming out of someone's ass.

Madgunner3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

this is coming from a guy who all he does is bashes ps3 all the time... see unlike u who dis.. i can actually see and admit when a console has something good to offer

edit oh and if this was a ps3 thing you would have gotten the same response, i like RE games but personally i dont think its a system seller

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GWAVE3493d ago

And this is I mean, I'm sure this bundle would be an awesome thing for big-time RE fans and 360 fans (especially if the console itself is a limited edition RE-themed unit), but CAPCOM neither confirmed nor denied it. Why is it being posted?

Jinfinite3493d ago

Go to Capcom japan site it shows both boxes for the ps3 bundle and the 360 bundle. Also Japan gets a better collection edition than the U.S theirs include a 2gb usb where the U.S. gets a bunch of toys and cheap plastic. Im sticking with the standard edition