New Resident Evil 5 preview, PC version dated

German magazine Games Aktuell had a new preview that give an indepth account of the first few hours of the game and confirms the PC version is coming out in Q4. A translation of the preview is present at the link.

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panasonic233315d ago

damn i thought the 360 version was going to superior now it the pc version.

Marceles3315d ago

When it comes to multiplats, the PC version always looks better

rawrockkillz3315d ago

They better make the pc version better than they did with the RE 4 version.

ymbsittend3315d ago

--they will
--its capcom handling the port this time, not some sourcenext, it cant get any worse than that

ChampIDC3315d ago

Well, the PC version wasn't bad if you had a controller, but everyone else got hosed. Good thing somebody made a mouse mod for it.

Zizi3315d ago

Great, i will be waiting for this game...

baraka0073314d ago

hmm was going to get it for the 360 but now I may have to hold off.