Play Online: Class of Heroes First Look

Wow, can you believe it: a new game announcement from Atlus, and it isn't another title to make DS owners go even more broke than they already are. This time around it is Class of Heroes (previously titled Ken To Mahou To Gakuen Mono in Japan), a dungeon crawler for the PSP that looks like it'll go quite well with another set of Atlus releases, the Etrian Odyssey titles. Class of Heroes will present "more than 75 levels of deadly catacombs, slay hundreds of varieties of vile monsters, master the intricate art of alchemy, and uncover over 1300 items, priceless treasures, and rare artifacts", along with letting players craft either male or female party members using a mixture of 10 races, three alignments, and 15 majors (which look to be the game's version of a job system).'

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