The Gamers Den: Where's My Backwards Compatibility

There seems to be somewhat of a trend developing here. Back in 2006 when the PS3 was launched, it came with full backwards compatibility features. Later on down the line Sony released it's 160GB model. This model contained backwards compatibility support for PS1 titles, but is sorely lacking in PS2 support. The two models now on the market are the 80GB, and the 160GB. The 80GB model is capable of 'partial' backwards compatibility through software emulation. Now, however, comes the source of my concern, the Nintendo DSi. Click link for more

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pwnsause3377d ago (Edited 3377d ago )

no one's going to care about BC, especially on the DS when it has a Goldmine of games. that GBA port matters for people when they use it as an expansion for DS games, such as Guitar Hero DS and Rumble.

If we had this conversation when the DS first launched back in 04, then it would be a big deal, but its not. its just like the PS3. yes there are some games that I would like to play from last gen and play it on the machine, but its just not a big deal anymore, you can just get a GBA for $20 and play your GBA games on that.

Agent VX3377d ago

Just another lie Sony told about their newest system. I have a PS3 but didn't care about BWC, because I never owned a Playstation system before this. But, what a shock that they took this out!!! How pi$$ed would I be if I was a previous PS owner, and now told I couldn't play my old games on it?

But Sony has been a habitual liar, as their has been countless delays, poor performances on the system and Home as been a total bust. Too many lies to mention, but I guess this is common in the gaming industry. RROD issue will always burn my soul with MS products.

xlx-russ_923377d ago

oh shut up Agent VX u dont have sh!t, u r just another microslave.

IdleLeeSiuLung3377d ago

I'm agreeing with Agent VX here. If there is one feature that I care the most about it was the PS2 BC on the PS3. Now, if I want to play PS2 games, I'm stuck buying a new console, a new memory card and play with a corded controller and another unit connected to my TV. I would like to play MGS1-3, God of War 1-2 among others.

This is the wrong direction and does anyone remember how Sony stressed the importance of BC only to release it with gimped BC in Europe and then finally removing it completely.

Yes, I knew about lack of BC when I bought my PS3, but it doesn't mean I can't be unhappy about the lack of this feature. This is obviously something gamers want, why else would the original 60GB used go for more than it's original MSRP? The 80GB MGS4 bundle also sold well due to software BC.

duplissi3377d ago (Edited 3377d ago )

im sorry agent vx you cant hide your fanboyism in that comment.
everything you spew is negative ps3 your so biased. but hey it does suck that the ps3 doesnt have b/c across the board, but we all know why they did it- they wanted us to buy ps3 games instead. i hope they reintroduce it after the ps2 finally simmers down.

im so glad i got a launch 60

nycredude3377d ago (Edited 3377d ago )

You guys are a bunch of whiners man. Fist you complain the PS3 has no games and is to expensive. Sony does what they can to lower the price now you complain that you don't have all the bells and whistles. First of all I don't think either of you have the Ps3 but IF you did, you should have bought the earlier models. Complaining about not having bc now cause you were too cheap or poor or stupid or any combination of the three just make you sound like a bunch of bitter biatches. Not very different from several of my EX girlfriend.

BTW if you two do have the Ps3 then you two must be two of the biggest haters and downers I've ever seen. Maybe if you hate Sony so much you should just sell your Ps3 to someone who will appreciate it. Sheesh.

Edite: BTW everyone lies! You, me, Microsoft, Sony, General Mills, Santa, my parents, your parents, the Grinch, Clinton, Obama, Clinton, McCain, Get over it. Sony actually didn't lie about BC. People just complained that it wasn't needed and that the price was high, so they went to work to make it more affordable and now people (read Cheap biatches) complain about the lack of BC. You can't have it both ways.

pippoppow3377d ago

Would have been nice to at least have the option for BC in their high end skew. Some people don't have the room for an extra system or just don't want to clutter up space. Overall not a big deal but then people did want a cheaper system after all. If you really want one you can still hunt down a BC PS3 new or used.

xlx-russ_923377d ago (Edited 3377d ago )

Did u buy ur ps3 just to play ps2 games? or u bought to play PS3 games??? WTF is wrong with you people, if u want to play ps2 games go and buy f*kin ps2.

jadenkorri3376d ago (Edited 3376d ago )

here the thing you stupid retards, too many nay sayers said the ps3 did not need ps2 backward Compatibility, as everyone already had a people complained, including 360 fanboys claiming it was too expensive, and now that sony has listen to you retards with the price cut and removal of BC, your now complaining it don't have it..don't blame sony for listening to its customers, if you don't like the ps3, then why the f*ck do you even care, the ps3 not having BC don't even affect you, and a console you openly hate all the time, your not going to buy in the first place...

@ xlx-russ_92
no i didn't buy my ps3 to play ps2 games on, but its a feature i needed as having the ps3, 360, and wii all setup puts me at the max setup on my hdtv...also having 100+ ps2 games, and no ps2 (which i gave to my nephew), i need BC, its why i bought a launch ps3...

IdleLeeSiuLung3376d ago

I'm sorry I offended your fanboy dreams that the PS3 isn't perfect. Instead of having a reasonable discussion, you are just diverting attention from the problem by assuming things about others. It just shows you are clueless.

I don't think I need to prove anything to you, since you are obviously an idiot. The poll below shows that people care about PS2 BC. Enough said, I don't want to waste my time discussing with a delusional Sony fanboy incapable of normal discussion.

"Largest amount of votes per question:
Full software backwards compatibility for PS1 and PS2 games (910 votes)
Private voice chat accessed via the XMB in-game (684 votes)
More support for developers to include in-game music from the XMB (392 votes)
A larger selection of video formats and codecs supported (276 votes)"

"We will pass our findings to SCEE; with over 4,000 unique votes it should demonstrate that from a good sample group we do indeed want backwards compatibility brought back and private voice chat added as soon as possible. Let’s hope they take in what these results reflect and listen to the EU community."

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xg-ei8ht3377d ago

Probably because they want to re- release them again and want your $.

funktion_d3377d ago

Who cares really? just buy one of the other 100 million DS's out there if you're concerned about it. Or keep your old DS if you want the DSi.

Personally i don't know why Nintendo dind't just wait, and then release a DS2 once the DS started to die down (with DS backwards compatibility)

Hiruma Youchi3377d ago

Exactly! I have 3 NDS the old one and 2 DS lites yeah If i get a DSi i wont get rid of the older ones so i'll still be able to play backward compatibility with no problem.

Hiruma Youchi3377d ago (Edited 3377d ago )

never mind this post.

Apocalypse Shadow3377d ago (Edited 3377d ago )

would have saved their money and bought the launch systems like sony told you to.

sony gave it to gamers and they complained about price.but now that it's gone,they complain they didn't get all the features like nycredude said.

ever heard of the phrase,"you snooze you lose?"

but as for sony,it was a smart move.fools like agent don't have sense to know why sony did it.and rags on the system but claim they own ps3.

by getting rid of BC,it forces you to decide what you value more.if you value BC,you get the higher priced unit.if it doesn't matter,you get the cheaper unit.but sony wins either way.

if you want 100% ps2 playback,you get a ps2.getting a ps2 makes sony money that helps cut into the losses sony takes on ps3.which is about $50 dollars or less for each console sold.selling too many ps3s now will dig sony a bigger hole that they have to climb out of.which is why you don't see sony going full force on advertising ps3.more ps3s sold right now means more business on sony's part.

if you buy the higher priced unit,sony most likely makes money.since the pricier unit emulates ps2 and ps1.they could be even breaking even on the higher unit and make money on the software you buy and the items that are bundled with it.

when ps3 sells for about the cost it is to make,sony will drop the price.when ps3 makes profit on system sales and no longer has to rely on psp and ps2 sales to pick up the slack,ps3 will most likey get its full ps2 emulation.i'd even bet the emulator firmware update is already done.and just waiting for that day to come.and ps2 games will start to be downloadable from the store.

why do you think sony says "ten years?" so that they can regain their investment on launching a new system and at the same time,still make money off of the old one that's still on the did this with ps1 for ps2.and they are doing it again with ps3.if microsoft was making money off of xbox1,it would still be on the market.but things like the hard drive lost them money and they dropped the billions lost will have to take the whole generation to try to make those losses up.if ever.

sony is much smarter than the trolling idiots on's why they have been in business for so long.and the trolls have no businesses and patrol game sites to feel better about it.

emulation will come either before or after ps2's 10 year production cycle.just depends on when sony wants to play that card to bring more ps2 gamers on to playing ps3.

apocalypse................... ..........

jadenkorri3376d ago

".selling too many ps3s now will dig sony a bigger hole that they have to climb out of.which is why you don't see sony going full force on advertising ps3.more ps3s sold right now means more business on sony's part." really don't know anything, how old are you... the more consoles sold means more software sales, everybody knows that, noone makes money on the hardware at first, its software, thats were the money comes from... and please do not say the Wii is, its a gamecube 1.5...both the 360 and ps3, sell at a loss...

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