PS3 exclusives 2009 trailer

PS3-Sense has made a beautiful trailer of some PS3 exclusives. All of these titles are expected to release in 2009.

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Snow3164d ago

I have a hard-on after watching that..

buy a ps33163d ago (Edited 3163d ago )

I have a ragging clue.

karlostomy3163d ago

@ Snow.

Hey good for you.

Normally I get a hardon in the presence of attractive ladies, but in your case, if video game trailers get you that excited, then who am i to judge you?


mxdan3163d ago (Edited 3163d ago )

As far as exclusive reels go, it was pretty good.

They only showed like 5 or 6 exclusives >_>...

I'm going to make a trailer and submit it, And I'll make sure to include (ALL) note worthy titles.

Snow3163d ago

haha Karlos ! Can't take a joke hm?

It's ok..i understand,there is nothing to get excited about for 360 in 09 :(

ultimolu3163d ago

Don't worry about karl Snow. He has some...*issues* you see.

MasFlowKiller3163d ago

This Should Be a tv ad,

it would be epic

SAiOSiN3163d ago

all those exclusives are extremely high profile, except for QT. I guarantee there's at least 2 more BIG ones coming out this year. Don't forget about R&C. Tell me what M$ has this year. Halo Wars and ODST??? c'mon now.

mxdan3162d ago

If you actually took the time to read, you would know that I'm talking about playstation.

I never even mentioned the xbox.

cactuschef3162d ago

Ohhh, I'm clueing so hard right now.

Gantrfaxx3162d ago

The best looking games.

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inbfour3164d ago

Final Fantasy XIII Versus isn't going to be released this year.

Max Power3163d ago

of the fact that FFXIII VS isn't coming this year, it was a pretty sweet video.

mfwahwah3163d ago

Are you talking about world wide release, US release, Japan release, or what here?

MUNKYPOO3163d ago

oh man its going to be an exciting year

sonic19893163d ago

i am geting all ps3 exclusive this year, can't afford for 3rd party games. the only third party games i'll be geting is SF4:RE5 and mabe Tekken6.

Juevani3163d ago

man that trailer gave me a boner, lol..

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The story is too old to be commented.