The Creation of Eden - Interview with Dylan Cuthbert

Founder of the Q-Games studio, Dylan Cuthbert is a legendary designer who has created some of the most revolutionary games such as the classics X and Star Fox. His latest project, Pixel Junk Eden, is considered by many as one of the biggest gems in 2008, recently nominated for three awards in the upcoming IGF festival.

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Parapraxis3403d ago

I cannot wait for the next Q-games release!
PixelJunk Eden & Monsters were two of my favourite games of 2008.

helenaolin3403d ago

This was a great read. I simply love Eden and Monsters. I might be checking Racers out some time, has anyone tried this one already?

What surprised me the most was that the same designer behind these games had created games like Star Fox and Blasto! I played Blasto when I was a little girl, I kinda enjoyed it ^_^

Also that duck demo, brilliant!

Gambit073403d ago

There used to be a demo for Racers, I'm not sure they have it anymore, I personally didn't like it, it was hard to control. Was Blasto any good? I remember playing it, but can't seem to remember if I liked it.

helenaolin3403d ago

Blasto was OK, you know, we'd play anything back then! I thought the graphics were great, I wasn't all that envious of my cousins who had Nintendo 64. The controls were hard tho.

I got the racers demo and I enjoyed it... very hard but reminds me of Gran Trak and old arcade games. I don't think I'll buying this one, I'm no good at playing it...!

Gosh, did you ever play Digidrive? I'm fascinated with this Bit Generations series as well, the games are all so neat and different.

Gambit073403d ago

Never heard of Digidrive, what kind of game is that? I recently got Magic Ball from the PSN for my girlfriend, it's a pretty fun game, sorta like Breakout/Arkanoid. I really can't wait for Flower, which is coming out next month.

helenaolin3403d ago

Digidrive is hard to explain, really, it's a strange and abstract game concept.

I can't wait for Flower either, that game will surely make me relax and release all my stress.

Gambit073402d ago

Oh yea, Flower will be great, add me let's track who can get all of Flowers trophies 1st :) Gambit07

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