Neocrisis: Naruto: Rise of A Ninja Review

Neocrisis: Surprisingly, this game was developed by Ubisoft (non-japanese developer) !! At first I thought It should be Bandai Namco, but no! Is their first try on Naruto worked out well? Keep on reading this review to find out.

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Snoozer2823408d ago

Stop with the old reviews!

Voozi3408d ago

Report the story then

Sarcasm3407d ago

It's neocrisis. They're stuck back 6-8 months doing old reviews.

athenadead3407d ago

most if not all naruto games are bad

panasonic233407d ago

the xbox 360 naruto games are awesome

Gaara_7243407d ago

there is no goodanime game out there NONE keep to the manga or the anime never get the game version y because its to hard to put the mangas story into a game especaly when theres a fight you lose (manga/anime) but you some how win it and it says you lose after (game)

Baka-akaB3407d ago

Cyberconnect2/Bandai's naruto are actually the only good ones imo , and even them are far from perfection .

projectile3407d ago

I am a fan of the anime exept for the 100 fckng fillers they had.

I really liked the game. Touching key points of the main storyline and it has a great fighting system. So I don't really see the problem here.

Just ordered broken bond:)

bigjclassic3407d ago

Naruto PS3, DBZ BT3 and Bleach Versus Crusade says hello.
They all kick ass.

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