Neocrisis: Reviews - Do they still matter?

Neocrisis: "So recently I have been seeing a lot of articles here and there asking if reviews matter anymore. Well I guess the answer would ultimately depend on who you ask but it can go both ways. What you need to keep in mind is that a review is nothing more then a opinion. As such it may differ from your view on a particular game as the thoughts of the reviewer may not necessarily match the thoughts you would have on a particular aspect of a game."

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FFS3459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

IMO no, Judge games yourself, don't let random @SS people on the internet do it for you. Rent.

This is a pretty good article, guy hit the nail on the head.

Genesis53459d ago

Well if I would have listen to the critics I would have missed out on a lot of games that I enjoyed.

bassturd3459d ago

disagree. I don't want to rent a game for 9 bucks when I can put that 9 bucks towards buying the game or another.

If a game gets good reviews...I'll consider buying it. Good being 8 and up for me. If it gets lower I'd probably give it a rent. Mirror's Edge, for instance, got mixed reviews. I planned on buying it but since the reviews were all good but not great I bought Resistance 2 instead. Later I rented Mirrors Edge and beat it in 2 days. Justification to me that I made the right decision in not buying it.

Now, of course, there are exceptions. Killzone 2....whether it gets good or bad reviews... I'm buying that without a doubt.

But for the most part I just read reviews to learn more about the game. I hate people that buy games or go see a movie and then whine about it sucking. Mainly people get on my nerves that go see a movie, a movie that got bad reviews no less, then watch the whole thing and walk out and want their money back. Hilarious. Their fault for not making an informed decision.

Chris3993459d ago

That game was the closest thing to art that we've seen in this industry.

It should have been judged on it's merits, and what it was trying to - and did - achieve. Not it's length, which was the only fault people could really harp on and wasn't actually that bad in comparison to modern games (took me about 12 hours, I really don't know how the reviewers rushed through it in a purported "6"). And more than the length, was the QUALITY of the journey.

I would rather have a 6-12 hour odyssey than a 12+ hour crap-fest.

Oh, and Folklore was the shizz too. Critics hated that as well. It's clear that "critics" don't represent my interests at all.

burbulla3459d ago

Aren't they the guys who just reviewed Assassin's Creed for the PC?

On Topic: Review means a lot to me, all the games I love this generation received out-standing critical reception. But I only trust some reviewers.

Light Yagami3459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

heavenly sword doesn't deserve perfect scores or great scores for that matter. Heavenly sword doesn't deserve to be $60. the game is only 6 hours long and has no replay value. the game wasn't deep in combat especially compared to its competitor.

scores are good if you inform the readers what that score means. anything below an 8 is a flop according to the fanboys.

The Lazy One3459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

If you rent from gamefly (9-20 bucks a month depending on plan) you don't pay full price for the game if you want to keep it. So, you pay 14 bucks for the service, and $45 for the game, that just about evens out if you bought every game you rented, and if you don't, you save a lot of money on games you would have spent $60 on.

Renting is the way to go. tbh.

That said, the words in reviews are good. (quick edit here)They help people learn about specifically what is good and bad in the game, what features are there they might not know about, and which features didn't pan out as expected (end edit). The scores are pretty trivial on anything higher than a 5 point scale. Really all you need to know is "[email protected] Awesome" "Great" "Solid" "eh" and "bad" when it comes down to it.

Chris3993458d ago

It was billed as being interactive cinema. Not a God of War clone or a 20 hour game. Anyone who actually completed the game in 6 hours, is slightly full of crap or a reviewer pressured by a dead-line. The majority of people who I have spoken to/ chatted with on the forums took about 10 hours or so - same as any other action/ adventure game.

The story is brilliant and worth a second play on hard-mode alone. There are over 30 unlockable moves and dozens of creative assets that require you to achieve substantial challenges in each stage (killing all the soldiers with Kai in the Act 1-2 is particularly troublesome). So long as you're not in a burning race to finish the game, it should take you more than 12 hours.

Did you actually play the game yourself to form an opinion, or are you just regurgitating fanboy spew?

In conclusion, the game billed itself as "interactive, video-game cinema". Not Ninja Gaiden, not God of War. Stop drawing comparisons for this game, because as far as cinematics and scripting it has none.

It was a terribly under-rated game, slammed by hyper-active gaming enthusiasts with twitch-mentalities and Call of Duty multi-player matches on the brain.

Gun_Senshi3458d ago

Light is a known troll.

Heavnly Sword is not a game, its an Art, and its longer then Halo and Gears.

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Gun_Senshi3459d ago

This is so a well written article with truth.

NO to scores on reviews. Read the damn review.

Max Power3459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

this was a very well written opinion piece, i would have to say that reviews now a days are nothing more than E-Penises thanks to and

Blaze9293459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

Look at Haze. If it wasnt for IGN i wouldve lost $60. Sure there was the demo but consider those with internet caps ir even internet-less.

Then sometimes they dont. Like Gears of War 2, everyone knew it was gonna score good. Im sure no one even cared about the reviews, just went out and bought it and the numbers show. Same will be for Killzone 2, people say they dont care if it gets a 1, they are still buying it.

Unicron3459d ago

No, they don't. Not in their current form, and that is for two reasons outside of the obvious bias -

1) People don't use reviews to inform themselves any more. They use review scores to spitefully JUDGE titles they have never played, or use scores as fodder or facts for their fanboy wars. Scores have become more important than the actual review itself to many readers, who want a quick answer. These opinions then become fact, and sadly can condemn a title like Banjo Nuts & Bolts or Heavenly Sword... titles that a gamer may overlook now because apparently a 7.5 is a "flop."

2) Reviews are no longer accurate portrayals of the game in question. We live in an age of patches, updates, fixes, and DLC. What good to me is a review of Warhawk, now that the game has been updated so radically? Or Gears of War 2, which has many glitches fixed since its launch. Then again, one can argue that those glitches were glossed over entirely in reviews as it is. How does that inform me, if games can update, should not reviews? Another reason why scores are useless. They are a snapshot in time, arbitrary, and not an actual deconstruction or discussion about the actual game at hand.

Remember people, game "journalism" is a BUSINESS first and foremost. They are there to MAKE PROFIT, not benefit gamers often times. Look at what happened to 1up. The BUSINESS aspect will always come first. Sadly, reviews hold far too much power, and that power is in the hand of fanboys with huge chips on their shoulders, instead of respected journalists. Reviews need to change, and how we REACT to said reviews needs to change just as much I feel.

dkp233459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

Because games like GTIV got perfect scores and became redundant and boring.. Games like MGS4 are giving perfect scores even though its the same thing as the other 3 MGS games, tons of cutscenes and not enough gameplay.....Games like Fable 2 getting great scores even though its probably not as good as the first one.....

I have all these games, but felt disappointed after playing through them, unfortunately....let me add Final Fantasy XII as another disappointment and that game got great scores a few years ago...I play Last Remnant and that got crappy scores primarily due to the tech issues, but overall the game is better than FFXII...

I think most can even predict scores of games without even playing them...Well known titles are going to get great scores due to the name and internet hype...

Its a sad thing...

I find it more useful just reading user reviews because usually you get a consensus on how the game is fromt he people that hate the game and the people that like the game...THey are actually playing the games in depth and should have a better opinion...

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