Could Microsoft Score A Final Fantasy XIII Bundle?

After seeing how successful the limited edition Final Fantasy VII Playstation 3 is right now in Japan, Microsoft are surely taking notes about what a similar deal could do for their console. While it's incredibly unlikely that they'll manage to strike up a deal in Japan with Square Enix, it's much more likely that they could arrange something for North America.

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Israfel3408d ago

As a 360 gamer, I don't see this happening.

Square are idiots and we shouldn't give a dime about them.

Why dis3407d ago

He is no more a 360 fan than osama bin laden a christain.

Marceles3407d ago

I don't know man...Square has been hooking up the 360 with alot of stuff so far. There might be some behind the scenes stuff going on (like always) between Square and MS, so I wouldn't be too surprised if a bundle popped up out of nowhere

FarEastOrient3407d ago

Who knows, Microsoft has been giving Square Enix a great deal of money lately especially pushing their Unreal Engine to create The Last Remnant.

Israfel3407d ago

you're right, I'm not a 360 fan. I'm a 360 GAMER.

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Raoh3408d ago

i could see it happening.

Bob Dole3407d ago

Isn't the 360 version coming out after the PS3 version? Like maybe around the same time as VS:XIII? That would be funny.

NaiNaiNai3407d ago

lets see
Resident evil 5
halo 3

i think they have enough for now. especially since the only one that sells is the elite.

XxZxX3407d ago

HAHAHHAHA simpsons.. Yeah that's right, Simpsons's a great bundle.

Hiruma Youchi3407d ago

nah big pass on that bundle ! this gon be up here in what 2010 ? eff that. But yeah the Red Xbox360 (SUWOOP) could be cool to purchase for collectors.

militant073407d ago

resident evil 5 bundle dose not include a red console.

Hiruma Youchi3407d ago

whut!!!!!! that aint wussup! I was hyped for the Red X360 I would have exchanged mine for the red one! nvm that. Still getting the RE5 limited edition tho!

mephman3407d ago

That's the Japanese bundle. The North American bundle is rumoured to have a red 360 and red controllers.

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