New Ninja Blade screenshots

Some new screenshots from Ninja Blade.

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IMBACKPP3487d ago

Awesome day 1 purchase for me i feel sorry for anyone who comes in my way and i kid you not.

mxdan3487d ago

I'm sorry, from what I've seen, I'm not impressed. The environments look the same, the combat is like the young step child to Ninja Gaiden, and the overall story looks cliche as hell.

Day 1 purchase? Really?

GiantEnemyCrab3487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

The story is rather cliche yes, but the combat is excellent. I'm still playing the demo and love it. The vertical combat is fun(and butter smooth) and it scratches my action game itch. To be honest I'm having more fun with this game than the last DMC.

Definately going to pick it up and I encourage any action fan with a 360 to get on the Japan XBL and check out the demo, last I heard it still wasn't region locked.

Blademask3487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

You are going to tire yourself if youhave to hound down everything on n4g to give your 2 cents.

The game doesn't look like my cup of tea, neither has NG/NG2/NGS I just want someone to make a good flight sim/mech game.

Theres my non-negative-hater 2 cents.

Stay out of PP's way when hes going to buy the game. Last warning. ;)

Why dis3487d ago

Agreed what little previewers have seen and said this seems to be a must buy for 3rd person action fans.

caladbolg7773487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

I think this game looks OK. I wouldn't Day1 purchase it for $60, but once it hits the bargain bin ($20-30) then it may be just what you'd need to scratch your hack-n-slash itch.

cherrypie3487d ago

The story is "cliche"? IS this unlike the story in Killzone 2: "elite troop has to go behind enemy lines to disarm nukes"?

These are videogames, not movies or literature.

Ninja Blade looks like a fantastic title, wonderful technology and unique presentation and art direction.

Love it. Day 1 for sure.

NewZealander3487d ago

yeah looks good, might download the demo tonight.

Danja3487d ago

im def gonna give this a rent when it comes out..b4 deciding if it's worth a buy.

Why dis3487d ago

Smoking dope is not good for your health.

LOL @#1.5

ph3lid3486d ago

yeah, me too!

can't wait to get my hands on Ninja Blade

maybe it's better than God of War .. who knows?

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panasonic233487d ago

dude it just the first level lol devil may 4 use the same level over and over again i don't see nobody complaining o yeah that right this game only for xbox 360 duh i forgot it the law to hate on anything that is not on ps3.

GameOn3487d ago

Real ninjas play Gaiden.

Jamegohanssj53487d ago

This here is a true statement.


chrisnick3487d ago

im still getting my a$$ handed to me on very hard.

Traveler3487d ago

No, they play Tenchu. The only true "ninja" game.

ph3lid3486d ago

yeah, because you know exactly how good Ninja Blade is, don't you?

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IQUITN4G3487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

People that include the word REALLY or even start with this word all the f!cking time, are irritating - every f!cker does it and it's dumb

Haven't seen it today but also i suggest using words other than 'ridiculous' for when wanting to express something absurd or particularly dumb say - the word doesn't mean anything if it's forever used to describe every single case of something

Retarded is another word guaranteed to make you look a bit thick to anyone that's grown out of these stupid lazy efforts of communication

N4g is a great site with a few obviously smart and decent sorts, but on the whole this site attracts idiots

NMC20073487d ago

WILLY? How about that? Got something against Willy?

rucky3487d ago

That's ridiculously retarded

ActionBastard3487d ago

That's a pretty useless rant. I mean, really?

cherrypie3487d ago

" N4g is a great site with a few obviously smart and decent sorts"

You're really just wrong. Really.

cereal_killa3487d ago

Thats really retarded! I mean REALLY retarded.

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Blaze9293487d ago

all i need is it to be easier than Ninja Gaiden 2 and im sold lol. Ninja Gaiden wasnt hard, it was just cheap and that NG/NG2 pissed me off to no extent.

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