Top 5 360 Exclusives Wanted on PS3 in 2009

Planet Xbox360: "A few weeks ago we ran a feature outlining the top five Playstation 3 exclusives that we would like to see playable on the Xbox 360 sometime in 2009; now it's time to flip the tables and choose five Xbox exclusives that PS3 owners are begging to play next year.

Whether you agree or disagree make sure to head on over to our forums and discuss it, by clicking here. At this time some of the below games do not have specific release dates but we talked to the publishers and was told that all were "shooting for a 2009" release date. Now onto our very first feature of 2009: "The Top 5 360 Exclusives They Want on the PS3 in 2009."

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jammy_703436d ago

killzone 2, infamous, uncharted 2, gt5, god3 we dont need more games especially if there worse.....

GWAVE3436d ago (Edited 3436d ago )

Let's break this list down:

Halo:OSDT - Sorry, but no. If a gamer wants Halo, they'll buy a 360. It's ignorant to assume that EVERYONE enjoys Halo, let alone a $30 spin-off

Ninja Blade - Really? REALLY? With God of War 3 coming out, PS3 owners are supposed to want THIS third-rate Ninja Gaiden clone?

Splinter Cell Conviction - where is this game? What information do we have on it? Is it even coming in 2009?

Mass Effect 2 - Again, is this even coming in 2009? And who says it's an exclusive?

Alan Wake - ditto with the two above. Where is this game? What info do we have on it? Will it even come out in 2009? Will it still be an exclusive? And on top of that, what makes PS3 owners want Alan Wake when they're already getting Uncharted 2 and Heavy Rain this year?

GTA4 DLC - Hah. Don't make me laugh. GTA4 DLC is becoming one of the biggest jokes in the video game industry. By the time it comes out, it'll come out nearly a full YEAR after GTA4 launched. People are supposed to be jealous of THAT (especially with inFamous coming out)? I'd agree if they said Fallout 3 DLC or something like that, but GTA4 DLC? Oh Lord...

So yeah, this article is basically rubbish. It's written by a 360-only website, so I'm not really that surprised.

Gobuz3436d ago

Agreed mate, I'm not really wetting myself with envy..

Chris3993436d ago

I've got my fingers crossed that I can install/ play all three discs without a disc-read error.

I'm not a particularly religious man, and I shouldn't have to pray every time I turn on my 360.

Would much rather play this on my PS3 anyhow.

Oh, and the entirety of that list is pretty "meh".

militant073436d ago (Edited 3436d ago )

Lol, Nice one your comments history prove your ps3 fan and nerd.

============================= =============================== =

Back on topic, if i was a only PS3 onwer i would want to see Mass Effect 2 and Alan Wake on PS3.

I don't think PS3 owners intersetd in Halo3. << I'm Halo3 fan.

Alan Wake/Mass Effect 2 also on PC. but upgrading your PC will cost more than buying X360 as i guss. << Not sure.

siyrobbo3436d ago


where is this game? What information do we have on it? Is it even coming in 2009?

You could say the same thing about gt5, infamous and god of war 3, they might nmot make it this year

claney3436d ago

only one i wouldnt mind on ps3 is splinter cell, but it kinda doesnt look like splinter cell and more like a AC game with him being out doors sneaking through crowds blending in lol

also lots of info on GT5, like it will have damage, theres even a full working mass demo out i think its GT5:P but i could be wrong there :p

kevoncox3436d ago

GT5 and GOW3 are not coming out this year, please stop including them on list. SO that leaves, Killzone, uncharted 2 and infamous. The ps3 lineup is looking very thin after killzone until late Nov.

The 360 line up is looking very thin as well until late november.
I had a friend that thought Halo Wars was a shooter. lol

pixelsword3436d ago

...even if it's only a few hours, it's a few hours of awesome.

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi3436d ago

Ps3 owners want

5.)A dead horse that people are still beating
4.)A ninja gaiden rip-off
3.)A dime a dozen Tom Clancy game.
2.)An unannounced rpg sequel
1.)And a game that no one knows anything about?

The only 1 I can say I'd really like is the mass effect sequel...but then when i look at ps3's 09 line up i could really live without it lol.

Sorry this isn't to hate on any of those games because they all look fun but i just can't see any ps3 owners kicking themselves for not being able to play those games when 09 is gonna be a second "year of the ps3".

SaiyanFury3436d ago

The fact is that Sony delivers in the long run. Sony delivered the best console of all time with the PS1 and continued to deliver quality games on the PS2. This year, there's a virtual plethora of games coming from Sony themselves for gamers to love. Yes, the 360 has games coming and for those that love them, so much the better. But in the long run, Sony has my vote for deliverance. They delivered the last 2 consoles so I have no problem believing that the PS3 will ultimately be the console that does well over the long run. I'm not talking about sales, I'm talking about games coming. Sure the PS3 is in third place sales-wise, but for us mature gamers older than 25, the PS3 has already delivered great experiences. With Demon's Souls coming, us King's Field fans have something to look forward too.

Cajun Chicken3436d ago

The bottom 3 are correct (For me).

Would also like an extended port of The Maw and Crackdown 2. Halo will NEVER go to PS3, but Bungie as a developer COULD.

Never going to happen, but thats why I also own a 360; its just a matter of choosing what titles I actually want to buy at full price release and which ones I don't for both consoles.

XxZxX3436d ago

My messages to Publishers, with the economy right now, Remaining exclusive is purely killing yourself, unless you owned by MS, Sony or nintendo. Otherswise open it up, you have less chance of failing if you made a good game.

Perjoss3436d ago

"Remaining exclusive is purely killing yourself"

how much did MS pay for GTA:L&D? was a lot of money i heard.

Marojado3436d ago

£50 million. Not to be scoffed at.

Graphics Whore3436d ago

Whoa, whoa, whoa.


Dude, why do think I bought a PS3. One of the big reasons is to get away from Halo.

Mass Effect and Alan Wake hold some kind of relevance however Alan Wake has next to no information on its development or release date.

This is a bad list, sorry Xbox 360-Only Owners.

Sitdown3436d ago

one of the reasons you bought a ps3 is to get away from Halo? Hmmm, would not buying the game on the 360 have done the same thing? Are you going to sell or disconnect your tv from cable so that you will not see any Halo commercials or advertising? Come on can do better at trying to diss the 360/Halo....I know you can. Can't you?