Blu-ray: Why it Will Stay Blue

Technologiser writes: "I just got finished reading two pieces on Blu-ray: one from David Carnoy from last week on why the format will succeed; and the other from Jeremy Toeman, who countered David's argument that it actually may be closer to failure. Blu-ray is in a lot of trouble at this moment. It's kind of a one-two punch: with the sinking economy, people have less money to spend on expensive gadgets. Blu-ray is still one of them, with most players still well above $200 if not $300."

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heroicjanitor3460d ago

What the hell does that even mean?

arika3460d ago (Edited 3460d ago )

he is on crack and all he is seeing is blue colors. all i can say to the writer is gime me some of what you are having. another one of those doomsday writer aka anti-sony/anti ps3 articles...hohum...n4g news must be slow today.

chaosatom3459d ago

1) The Stupidest headline he could have think off.

2) He gets blind, so when he Upscales his DVD, it looks really good to him.

3) The article is nie-high, same size as my comments.

4) He lists People's opinion, not factual information.

aiphanes3460d ago

They only way to see a movie in 1080p at a resonable price is on bluray. You can either rent it or buy it on bluray. Digital downloads in HD are all renting for about the same price or more than renting a bluray the only cost is the bluray player and the surround sound receiver and speakers.

HDgamer3459d ago

And I want my money back. Bluray has been selling like crazy, I still can't find that dark knight movie in my walmart but I can find plenty of it's dvd's. But anyway this guy clearly just writes an article for hits. He needs it, but this would be a better article if it had facts and no one got bored.

pwnsause3459d ago

i like how the writers/admins are writing their own responses on their own articles, now that's an epic fail there folks.

In terms of the "OMGZZZ Teh Blue-Rayzzz iz DUUM3D" articles, please read about the format's recent sucess in the last 3 months. if theres any compaint about the format, its that the Discs/movies themselves are expensive and they need a price cut, say about a $10 price cut. now thank you and GTFO out of n4g.