Demon's Souls media blowout

Dengeki Online has scored a ton of in-game screenshots that should lift gamers' spirits across the continent. The screens feature intricately detailed dragons and characters, character creation, and certain battle mechanics.

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Snow3407d ago

This game will be a sleeper hit.

MasFlowKiller3407d ago

Look like A Darker Oblivion but its a must buy cause i loved Oblivion

Snow3407d ago

Here's a quick video of it.

The game actually looks pretty damn good.Combat could use some work,but it looks promising.The thing is..this game is completley under everyone's radar.There's little to no hype for it.

People won't get the game expecting some "GOTY" but im sure they'll be surprised by it.If it's anything like Kings field im buying it day 1.

pippoppow3407d ago (Edited 3407d ago )

Great atmosphere, art style and music. It's overall medieval style seems to harken back to some of the classic adventure games of old. Definitely will pick this game up immediately upon it's release, assuming it's released in NA.

dragunrising3407d ago

Looks great. Anyone know when it is coming out?

Snow3407d ago

Febuary 5th in Japan.It's supposed to have full english subtitles to so i may just import this.

pippoppow3407d ago

Only known release date is for Asian regions on Feb 5. There is some kind of English option with the Chinese version which can be preordered on for $65, not including shipping. Not sure if it means the whole game can be in English or will they have only subtitles or have English voices but will the game menus not be in English. Would be wise to wait and read a post or review verifying what's what.

SaiyanFury3407d ago

I LOVED that trailer that was recently released on the Japanese PS Store. A game in the spirit of King's Field is just too good for me to pass up. Hell, even the music sounds like King's Field. Count me in for the day one release, cause I'll be there.

Danja3407d ago

looking good so far....haven't really been paying much attention to this game but it is shaping up real nice....

sonarus3407d ago

Game looks like it could be good but its still made by From software and all their games that i have played have sucked so i am not really holding my breath. It should do well in japan though

mfwahwah3406d ago

Feb. 5th is the release? Holy Hell I thought this was like a late '09 release!

Shouldn't take TOO long to get to NA if it's coming...


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Gue13407d ago (Edited 3407d ago )

This game is going to be sh1t just like Ninja Blade. Just look at trailers from Armored Core games. They look awesome but in realty the games are crap(well, in a general aspect because I love the Armored Core franchise).

Jager3407d ago

Your opinion is sh!t.

Gue13407d ago (Edited 3407d ago )

So sh1t that it affected you in some manner to come and insult it. Pathetic isn't? (quite ironic too) Opinions are as subjective as the number of humans living on the planet.

BTW your nickname is sh1t. It sounds like the name of a pedophile or something.

ruibing3407d ago

What is with all this "mark my word," I doubt anyone is going to remember it one way or the other when the game ships. I think I wanna see more, like some mature hands-on and previews, before deciding whether this goes into my wish list.

peedie163407d ago

I still have reservations about this game but its starting to look pretty good

achira3407d ago

game loooks really hot!

LeonSKennedy4Life3407d ago

Then why don't you marry it!?

Marceles3407d ago

Looking at the screenshots, the game looks like what I expected WKC's gameplay to be like. It kind of reminds me of a third person King's Field.

edit: oops same developer...yeah this game's gonna be great

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