Lara Croft to become even Hotter than this

Gun-toting Digital heroine Lara Croft is heading for a makeover, and will be showing even more skin in her next adventure.

Considering the waning popularity of the video game protagonist and economic downturn, rumours are abuzz that the next Tomb Raider game will be rated M rather than T (for teen) -- meaning it will be either sexier or bloodier, which may see efforts to make her more female-friendly.

Eidos, the game's makers, have sacked 30 employees at Tomb Raider developer Crystal Dynamics, and its shares fell 25 per cent in one day after it revised down its profit forecast, due to lower than expected sales of Tomb Raider: Underworld.

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Kaneda3372d ago

I don't know how she can run when she's carrying those pair of headlights.. those are huge!

chrisnick3372d ago

imagine if they eva mendes play lara cro-damn..........i gotta clean my keyboard up now.

Bnet3433372d ago

That picture ... oh my god ...

Blaze9293372d ago

...i dont think it can get hotter than that picture O_O

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LarVanian3372d ago

Wanna sell more Tomb Raider games?

Try these things
-Give Lara's boobs more cleavage
-Make Lara interact with the environment as if she was a real person
-Make a more darker story
-Make the game an actual competitor to Uncharted
-Make Lara a lesbian that often makes out with equally hot girl-friend

Elven63372d ago

They tried most of that in Angel of Darkness but Eidos went all greedy on Core Design and shipped it in Alpha in turn blaming the faults on Core Design and shutting them down.

yog-sothot3372d ago

and don't forget to make a control scheme that requires only one hand to play... so the other one is free for... well, to hold a glass or something ^_^

rockbottom30763372d ago

Lara's stripper secrets and moves starring Carmen Electra, Megan Fox and other notable hotties. If you find a secret bra hidden in the level all naked mode for the end level reward. Oh did I mention this is a video and not done with graphics.

Baka-akaB3372d ago (Edited 3372d ago )

I know i wouldnt buy it , since the whole noise made around her cleavage ever since she appeared , is one of the reasons (dont worry the others are gameplay related) i never cared about the franchise .

It might actually work if people do want more "sex" , but if they actually got tired of the routine , aie aie , it might kill it for good .

I know i'll make myself ennemies , but i find myself really hoping it dies , so the rather good Crystal dynamics studios could go back to new ips or simply continue with legacy of Kain , instead of being punished with tomb raider chores .
Problem is , it might kill them like Haze killed Free radical .

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NegativeCreep4273372d ago

But she would be a much better choice to play Lara Croft than Megan Fox in the films.

PotNoodle3372d ago

I'd rather keep jolie tbh

NegativeCreep4273372d ago

But after The Cradle of Life pretty much flopped at the box office, she decided not to stay on the sinking ship.

farhsa20083372d ago

haha, have some bubbles.
Nathan drake is more believable but lara is much HOTTER, you dig?

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