Seven Things Microsoft Can Teach Sony and Nintendo

Welcome to part two of Second Story Gamer's three-part series detailing each consoles advantages over the competition. This time they talk about seven things that give the Xbox 360 an advantage over the PlayStation 3 and the Wii.

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MGOelite3462d ago

"release your console first"

^^ the only reason the 360 is leading in sales

hit agree if you think im right

panasonic233462d ago

"release your console first"

^^the only reason the ps2 was dominate the other consoles

hit agree if you think i'm right i guess ms took sony advice lol

MGOelite3462d ago

if your on about the PS2 and the original xbox then your talking bs, everyone know the PS2 had much better games and a hell of alot more, yes the xbox had more potential but didnt have enough time to unlcok it, unlike nowadays where each consoles game libary is about equal in qualityt

SnuggleBandit3461d ago

I believe its a combo of #3(price cut) 6(snatch exclusives) 7(released first). That being said i prefer my ps3 over my once-owned 360.

duplissi3461d ago (Edited 3461d ago )

um the difference here is that the ps2 outsold the xbox consistantly, and by a large margin.

oh and did you know the ps3 sold more in its first 2 years than the xbox

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panasonic233462d ago

now it the other way around ms sony switch places lol

Jager3462d ago

"4. Implement Netflix
One of my favorite features of the Xbox 360 is its ability to stream Netflix movies and TV shows in seconds. Sony and Nintendo really need to strike up a deal with Netflix (or Blockbuster) because, in my opinion, this is a huge selling-feature for the 360."

Worthless, i can go to several free steaming websites with my PS3's browser. no need to pay subscription Netflix fees.

JaggedSac3462d ago

Yay, you can watch some absolute garbage picture from Hulu.

Cajun Chicken3462d ago

No, we can rent/buy Blu-Ray.

duplissi3461d ago

hulu is not all that crappy.

but what i see is that sony will start to offer subcriptions for rentals instead of netflix or blockbuster, at least i hope they do cause the prices are murder!

duplissi3461d ago

yeah microsoft is pretty damn good at that, and well sony isnt

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