PS3 Sales Staying Behind in 09

Analyst firm Cowen and Company have reduced their sales expectations for the PlayStation 3 after disappointing sales of the console in 2008. The company expects Sony will sell 4 million units in the US during 2009, down 2.25 million from previous estimates of 6.25 million units.

To explain the reason for the dramatic prediction reduction Cowen and Company's Doug Creutz told investors.

"Following another year in which PS3 unit sales lagged behind the Wii and Xbox 360, it is now clear that Sony has failed to establish the PS3 as the console of choice among hardcore gamers this cycle." He went on to add:

"Although there appears to be a reasonably robust slate of games for the PlayStation 3 this year, Sony continues to lack a clear 'must-own' title that will drive sales, while its platform continues to be the most expensive in the market in the midst of a consumer slowdown.

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MasFlowKiller3458d ago (Edited 3458d ago )

You Have to look at thing as a gamer, With one price cut Sony can take Europe back in one month Time, 360 is only 1million ahead there. plus the ps3 has the strongest line up on 09 as of right now.

If Sony does a price cut then the only way the 360 could keep the ps3 in place would be if every single PS3 game including Killzone 2 Flops and i dont see that happening.

And what i like about Sony of non of their console are a one game console

A PS3 at $300 is a better value then a 360 arcade at $200 for all hardcore gamers Becuase as a hardcore gamer you need online gaming and a HDD to download game and not to mention the games to play the damn thing and as of right now PS3 is just putting out more game and with higher quality

omodis4203458d ago

Worldwide sales is what really counts. Plus the analyst never mentions all the killer must have exclusive's that Sony is bringing to the table.
in six months time the cumulative effects of R2, MGS4, LBP, KZ2, God of War 3 and infamous will be felt.

And yes with a price drop. I didn't even mention uncharted 2.

Blademask3458d ago

How many articles need to keep saying this, is mind boggling.

Funny, Hardcore gamers must have chose the Wii, since its selling more than both combined.

"Must Have Title" Is bs. How the hell can you quantify such a thing? Oh, wait. MGS4 was a must have title, and it moved more consoles than GTA4 did. Cant say the same for any other title in 2008 for the 360 or the PS3.

Rinse Repeat Sony Haters, theres no escaping the imminent killzownage coming. We can all pretend the 360 is in better shape than the PS3 compared to the Wii. But which system is fire sale priced cheaper than the wii, and getting outsold? Because Price = Sales! I'm going to bookmark this one and check back when MS kills the 360 division.

Danja3458d ago

could have sworn the 360 was the console lagging behind both the PS3/Wii all year until M$ had to drop the price to spark interest back into the ailing sales..

so much for actually being factual

Sitdown3458d ago

While I believe that the ps3 will be just fine, sales wise....I have to disagree with you in regards to the must have exclusives. First of, 3 out of the 6 you mentioned have already been released......and did not necessarily have an huge impact on pushing consoles as of now...AKA the ps3 success is not dependent on those titles. As soon as the ps3 gets a price drop....all will be for now, it will continue its consistent sales until then.

SaiyanFury3458d ago

Yet another ANALyst's interpretation. Why do people put so much credence in these guys? Boo hoo, the PS3 is last so far. Who cares? I bought my PS3 in December 2006 for the games on the platform, not to help Sony thump it's chest with more platform sales. Boo hoo, while people like these ANALysts piss and moan about the PS3 doing sooooo poorly, I'll be off enjoying a merry old game of Valkyria Chronicles. Well, have fun everyone. Back to the Edelweiss.

MasFlowKiller3458d ago

I don't think ps3 sales will be behind in 09 because it took MS 2 price cuts to take the lead back in 08 for that year.

One Price Cut and The Highest Rated game of 08 with the most anticipated games of 09 will put the ps3 sales on pair with the 360

omodis4203458d ago (Edited 3458d ago )

@ Sitdown

Each of them on their own may not have had a big impact. But together they paint a very compelling picture for consumers. If you couple it with a price drop as well, it could be even bigger. Just wait LBP will sell more. The more people that buy the console, the more those old games will see sales increases. A price drop could really go a long way for sony.

Maddens Raiders3458d ago

and damn worth it to boot. Anlaysts "ANAL-ize" gamers Game.


La Chance3458d ago (Edited 3458d ago )

running my mouth like 90% of the people up in here I'll just sit back and watch all your theories fail one after another just like in 2008...and 2007.

Spin as much as you want (bu..bu..but the price !!!) but a console with a 120 million user base to rely on (PS2) shouldnt be in the pitiful state it is right now.

After selling more than 200 million consoles within 2 gens you get outsold in Europe by a "xbox" ! a "XBOX" !!!??? PLEAZ !

P.S Cant believe you guys actually think that KZ2 will change something lol.Might be a good game but I bet the PS3 will still be dead last in monthly sales after it comes out.

Watch my words.


3458d ago
JaggedSac3458d ago (Edited 3458d ago )

LOL. Once again, the article comments turn into a PS3 fanboy sausage fest.

Guitarded3458d ago Sony and many Sony supporters actually believed that more people than not would be glad to pay $600 for a machine with no games and an unproven trojan horse movie format. Talk about arrogance. Blows my mind as much as people actually buying it.

Sez 3458d ago (Edited 3458d ago )

i agree 150%. sonyfan beleive that KZ2 will have people running out to go buy a ps3. when in fact it won't. but these guys have to believe in something. the most it will do is the same MGS4 has done (if that) which is sell at the top of the charts for 1 month (THATS RIGHT 1 MONTH) then it will fade out of the top 10 on NPD. we have seen this happen many times. and this will not be different.

everyone that is waiting for KZ2 has already brought a ps3 when MGS4 came out. the same people that are hyping heavy rain and every other ps3 exclusive. sorry to tell ya.KZ2 isn't as big of game as MGS4 was. so why would this chage anything. but i will be joining you sitting back and watching the fanboys come up with new excuses on why the ps3 is still in last place and KZ2 fail to push the sale of the ps3 beyond 3rd place.

@Beware Oblivion

you also have a point. i just brought a cheaper blu-ray player at circuit city today. had to catch the sales 10%-30% off everything

Why dis3458d ago (Edited 3458d ago )

Hahahahahahahahha. Dev support and the word of mouth factor will do too much damage to Sony. Price is not enough when MSFT has the PS2 word of mouth factor plus the dev support working for them.

Wii is murderding the competition because of this.

Blademask3458d ago (Edited 3458d ago )

D E A D L A S T as it has been since the PS2 killed the Xbox.

I can also agree that the 360 has no games in 2009 as it didn't in 2008 until the end of the year more than likely. Said it last year, and I'll say it again this year. Microsoft is done when it comes to exclusives. They dropped the price and its still getting out sold by the Wii. They want to try to mimic the success of the PS2, but it wont happen when 99% of the consoles explode after hitting the power button, and it doesn't have an amazing game library outside of 3 games that you cant find anywhere except the 360.

You 360 fanboys are desperately hoping that KZ2 isn't going to be the savior of the ps3. Well as the King Fanboy of the Sony Network on n4g let me explain to you that it wont be any sort of savior, because not only does the PS3 not need any saving, its just a great AAA title to toss on top of the rest of AAA's Sony has delivered this generation of gaming.

Kz2 is the impossible game that you and others tried to smear into oblivion. But unfortunately for you and the rest of the 360's, Its delivered. All it needs to do is be a bit better than the perfect beta and its a wrap. Its the game that proves sony was right when they said next generation games start when they say it will, and its something the 360 will never be able to run. Alan Wake is in its 90th year of development and his facial animation isn't even done. Wow.

KZ2 is going to be a great game, but just one of many. Unlike the 360's lineup. The PS3 is a premium gaming device which 17 million more people have bought than the 360 at its lifetime point. If you want good AAA's, reliable hardware, Bluray, wifi, free online. Theres one place to find it. If you can't afford it, theres the 360.

I for one am not shocked that the masses aren't flocking towards the most EXPENSIVE console in the consoles. But im shocked that everyone thinks that it should also desperately drop its price just to win a short term battle. If sony didn't sell 17 million units in 2 years, then it would be a problem. MS is throwing money at the 360, its not goign anywhere soon.

I know you were all worried that the 360 would die like the first one did, but I doubt MS will let that happen. Even with only 3 good games and no hardware reliability, they can sell it. MS knows advertising, they can sell empty 360 boxes for their bottom line and the fanboys would rejoice. But dont ask about any games. Thats a touchy subject. And theres some sort of Gag order in the 360 section, because day 352.. still no 360 game news. The only time the 360 section gets warm is when the PS3 is mentioned.

I really sincerely hope you enjoy Ninja Blade, i hear it might be BBB.

La Chance3458d ago (Edited 3458d ago )

The 360 in 2008 got : Lost Odyssey , Ninja Gaiden 2 , Fable 2 , Gears of War 2 (outsold MGS4 in ONE MONTH ONLY and WITHOUT Japan), Left 4 Dead , Tales of Vesperia.

Thats great for a console with no games in 2008...

Moreover MSFT officially announced almost all of them in...2008 and not 2005.

So dont worry for the 2009 lineup....since MSFT announces the 2009 lineup in...2009 and not 4 years before.

PS3 sales are ridiculous compared to the 360 so you bring in the Wii ? Hahaha , you running out of ammo or what ? Since you love Wii numbers so much , just to let you know ; Both Wii and PS3 came out at almost the exact same time in USA and Japan.....look at the gap.... what a beating the PS3 has been getting ever since.

And funny you bring up Alan Wake...KZ2 was announced a year earlier than Alan wake and theyre both coming out in 2009.

KZ2 with a record breaking budget and 5 years of development looks 1.5 times better than Gears 2( at least 5 times smaller budget and 1 .5 years to develop).Geez power of the cell allright !!!! I bet money and time got more to do without than anything else.

And no matter what you say the 360 is here to stay (ahead of the ps3 for a long long time).

And the rest of your post was one load of nonsense from an angry Sony fanboy lol , the typical yap yap yap you guys are used too.

original seed3458d ago

I agree with you. As of NOW the PS3 does have a better line up. A Price cut will also help. So as of right now they have the upper hand for 2009.

Still, we dont know what Microsoft has up their sleeves. Its still very much early in the year and Microsoft always follows through.

I think we will have to see 'till E3 to see where 09 might end up.

CaseyRyback_CPO3458d ago (Edited 3458d ago )

And I'm guessing you would just apply your timetable argument to:

Uncharted 1 & 2.Motorstorm Pacific Rift.Heavy Rain.God Of War 3.Gran Turismo 5p.Wipeout HD

As well? Those all just look 1.5 better than the Unreal Engine? Why do I find it hard to see anyone else following that or publishing that opinion outside of you. 360/PS3 Fanboys all love to dance around the fact that the Wii is stomping a mudhole in both, so it does pretty much make arguing over sales irrelevant.

360 fanboys love talking about sales when they run out of arguments(and this new concept of Microsoft announcing games solely at e3).
PS3 fanboys love talking about the Wii & Graphics when they run out of arguments.

But either way, you're all just fanboys crying to one another and not playing games that you so fervently defend/debate. On a serious note anyone that thinks Killzone2 looks like Gears 1.5, is mildly retarded though. When did AW get a release date? 2009 confirmed for both PC & the Xbox 360?

cherrypie3458d ago (Edited 3458d ago )

"With one price cut Sony can take Europe back in one month Time"

You're in a fantasy land. If Sony starts a price war, in EU or anywhere else, MS can simply follow suit.

What part of: ITS NOT THE PRICE dont you understand?

The SDF on N4G have made myriad of excuses for the PS3 failure; "its a 10 year machine!", "its the advertising", "its the price", "its a conspiracy" and more. The fact remains that the PS3 has problems, it could be more or less any combination of these things, but simply saying "oh, they'll turn things around with a price cut" is simply wishful thinking.

Price is RELATIVE to the other products in the market, and Sony cannot simply act alone. A price cut will do _nothing_ except improve the sales briefly.


"Yet another ANALyst's interpretation. Why do people put so much credence in these guys?"

Because Analysts are professionals, paid by the industry to produce accurate and unbiased information for the purpose of making money by investment(!)?

Are you people _for real_? Should sober, honest, interested people -- like some of _us_ on this board -- take _your_ fantasy wishful thinking instead?

According to the collected wisdom of N4G, the PS3 is "leading". Here's *another* newsflash for you people; these analysts, PAID PROFESSIONAL EXPERTS IN THE INDUSTRY just told you 2009's PS3 sales will be 4M, down from their previous estimate of 6.25M.

So, I suppose you're going to put your fingers in your ears and say "nah nah nah, I'm not listening"? Just like when; WSJ,, the associated press and so many other's reported that "sony's PS3 is in a very bad position" and this site refused to listen, I suppose we're all supposed to believe you're ignorant opinions instead?


These analysts are telling you the truth: The PS3 is being buried in the marketplace. Right. Now. And they dont see anything saving it. It's time you people recognize that fact.

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oriol0033458d ago

No one wants a ps3 they are junk. The only good products out there are the DS, 360, and PSP.

360 man3458d ago

i have no choice but to agree with you mr oriol003

Obama3458d ago

Imo the only junk is 360 which has no games in 09.

360 man3458d ago

hahaha a piece of junk is outselling your console looool

you = fail

your more of a mc cain than an obama

IMBACKPP3458d ago

I have to agree ps3 is sh*t.

LeonSKennedy4Life3458d ago

Why aren't you guys commenting in the gamer zone?

Oh, wait...


Seriously though. You can't possibly think the PS3 is bad. I don't think the 360 is bad. I mean, it's a piece of junk compared to the PS3, but it has some pretty good games. We have Killzone 2 coming out. They only reason you don't want it is because it's on the PS3. Saying otherwise wouldn't make sense.

Everything you say is predictable...because it will be about how bad the PS3 is and how good the 360 is. Where are your souls, guys?

TheMART3458d ago

I have to disagree.

Overall the PS3 is a good product, left aside the latest YLOD problems on the launch consoles

And the dying BluRays after the 40GB and 80GB PS3's

But the 360 has its RROD problems also. Only thing is: the RROD is done something, with 3 years warranty and better models, the YLOD problem gets replaced with the BluRay problem which not improves with only 1 year warranty overhere in the EU.


The PS3 is not junk. Compared to the 360 it isn't the best choice for gaming, but for specific games its great.

LittleBigPlanet could not be made like it is on the 360. Not technically speaking, it would run as great on the 360, but the user generated levels and uploading them ATM is only possible at PSN. XBL is too restricted for that.

That saying, for multiplayer gaming, the unified friendlist and cross game chat/invites the only choice really is the 360 with XBL.

Thus: the PS3 ain't junk. Its good for specific stuff. If you like LBP and up to 4 players on one screen without split screen and be creative. Plus for specific movie fanatics that like BluRay.

dirtrider3458d ago

leon s kennedy- SHUT THE FVCK UP! you probably do the act of "dirty sanchez" with kaz hirai. trust me leon, brown isn't your color, maybe its juukens?!

Agent0213458d ago

nobody wants a f*cking flopbox.

Obama3458d ago

The fact of the matter is the 360 doesn't have much to offer in 09. What must have games there are for the 360? Not only we do not know the release date of Mass Effect 2 and Alan wait, but MS is closing down gaming studios one after another.

How can the bots shamelessly pretend that the 360 has better games than the ps3 in 09?

Why dis3458d ago (Edited 3458d ago )

Nah he's more like Karl Rove with his even temper and shaddy agenda and fullofshit talking points trying not to sound biased. The rest of the PS3 fanboys are mostly like Rush Limbaugh and the PS3 fanboy contributors are like Sean Hannity and a couple like Bill O'Reilly(shaddy agenda but will throw a bone for the otherside to hide biased agenda).

dukadork23458d ago (Edited 3458d ago )


before the election, XBL was republican kinder garden with non stop racist xenophobic homophobic right wing trash and now that obama's won, they're all liberals, BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA HA HA HA HA!

i see, you guys just wet a finger and adapt to the current dominant wind or you just jump where you're told to, lol

the 360 is now old and weak on top of being a notorious POS.
PS3 poops all over it while taking off


Obama3458d ago

haha you guys are insane, comparing me to the likes of Mccain and Karl Rove. dukadork2 is right, the 360 fanboys in general tend to spill out more racist crap than the ps3 fanboys here.

GiantEnemyLobster3458d ago

PS3rd place staying in... 3rd place.

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ash_divine3458d ago (Edited 3458d ago )

EDIT: (sighs),nevermind.

Omega43458d ago

If killzone doesnt significantly boost PS3 sales in Feb then its pretty much game over for Sony

If 5 years of hype cant sell hardware for them then i dont know what will

fire233458d ago

Why does Sony need one game to change the game? Why can't they have multiple? I know in Japan Sony will have a better year than last because of a plethora of high profile titles.

MasFlowKiller3458d ago (Edited 3458d ago )

Sorry but the ps3 is not a one game console, hey in 08 the difference between the 360 and ps3 in sales was only about 2 million and considering that it was a haft the price it not that impressing, i mean in Europe the 360 is only 1 million ahead with more then a year head start

ash_divine3458d ago (Edited 3458d ago )

Omega4, it's the price, not the games or hype. Was there any one game that made the PS2 a success?, what about the wii, even the 360? Consumers react to price, no matter what games are on the system(other wise the wii would be in dead last.) So actually if a price drop doesn't raise sales then the PS3 is done.

Blademask3458d ago

They dont get it. Even when MGS4 moves more consoles than GTA4, they still dont care :)

Its a combination of not knowing anything about gaming, and being a fanboy. Killzone1 had amazing fanfare E3 helicopters, and probably sold a few million copies. If that, because it was enough to cover the game, and its not all about just making sales.

If they wanted to do that, they would do what Nintendo is doing.

MS Fanboys think that because MS buys PSBrand games, and releases everything early on in the console lifecycle, that its the model. although MS already had 1 failed console out of 2. Its actually very odd when you think about it. But hey, whatever helps them forget that Alan Wake is Multiplat ya know.

1 title 'saving' a console is something made up by fanboys, and anyone who believes it is.. well.. look at their post history and you decide.

Omega43458d ago

You guys seriously have to stop comparing the PS3 to the PS2, these are VERY VERY different times and the competition is a hell of a lot stronger this time round

Nintendo got the casual will MS got the hardcore, Sony is just left with the remains. Last gen Sony had everyone but its not going to play out the same this time i can guarantee that

Sure they can drop the price but then so will MS and Nintendo then what will they do???? They will just loose more and more money while their competitors keep raking it in

fire233458d ago

Actually Omega i dont know if you noticed but the 360 is only marginally outselling the PS3 right now as of week to week. Then the 360 has a few class action lawsuits this year that could potentially devastate the supply lines/consumer trust. And finally Sony still has extremely strong ps2 sales that could easily be converted into ps3 sales.

Danja3458d ago (Edited 3458d ago )

do you think M$ can just do a price cut any time they want...?

yes they do have deep pockets of cash but they are also running a business at the end of the day and the xbox brand is already losing money im sure M$ can't just continue to drop the price or else all there earnings they have made from the 360 will just became company enters the console race to just keep bleeding money which is why Sony isn't dropping the price of the PS3 just to stay up with M$,,

btw the PS3 is gonna sell way more this year...SF4 , Yakuza 3 , RE:5 , FF7: Advent Children FF13 demo inside..with spark sales.....and his is all in the 1st quarter..

GT5 might make it out this year..if so..Sony has this Christmas sealed

a next thing.....the 360 only outsold the NA last year by 1 million...

the PS3 outsold the 360 last year by 650k IN Japan , plus a by a small margin in without a price cut for the 360 imagine how it sales would have looked

butbutbuttehcell3458d ago

I doubt it's game over for Sony if that happens, but Killzone 2 should sell at least 2 mill in a short space of time otherwise it won't be looking too good.

But in terms of PS3 staying behind in 09, that's pretty much factual. Like people PS3 fanboys have said, the PS3 was outselling UNTIL the huge price cut. And since that price cut is permanent and there's no sign of one from Sony's end, the 360 is gonna be outselling the PS3 for quite some time. Considering as of right now, they'd have to shift 8 million while the 360 sells none at it's lower price, I can't see it happening. Oh and people who say the PS3 was twice the price, most people don't buy the basic model, so dream on. It's not all $199 models that are selling so it's not that it's half the price, cos the more expensive models sell better.

ash_divine3458d ago (Edited 3458d ago )

I was making a point that no one game makes a console. Besides I mentioned the wii and 360. You didn't even answer my question, so I'll ask again: Was there one game that made the PS2, Wii, or the 360 a success? I'll even answer it for you, NO. The PRICE was what made each and every one of those a success. The 360 took 2008 because of a pricecut, PS2 took off when it hit mass market price, and the Wii was successful right out of the gates because of... you guessed it, the PRICE.

MasFlowKiller3458d ago (Edited 3458d ago )

You Guys Do Know that in 08 MS did TWO price Drops, Count them 2. and all they got from that was 2 million more console for the year, Come on

XXXCouture3458d ago

"Nintendo got the casual will MS got the hardcore, Sony is just left with the remains." lol what. you do realise the ps3 has sold 18 million or something, thats some pretty big remains. cut the bs man, every hardcore gamer got a ps3, just because you aint got one doesnt mean all hardcore gamers dont have one

Omega43458d ago

Those games will only be big in Japan and Japan is a small region in terms of hardware numbers. But if GT5 comes out it will be huge especially in EU, as for NA is MS market H3:ODST like Halo 3 then they will have NA in the bag this year again

Obviously price is a factor but you can only cut the price so much. Wii Play, Wii Fit, Mario, Halo and Gears have been huge system sellers a Sony has yet to release a game which can create hardware numbers as large as them

Danja3458d ago (Edited 3458d ago )

Japan is small region for Hardware sale yes.....but it's also not that small either..

the PS2/DS has sold over 20 million if the PS3 can manage to sell 10 million then it wont be such a small region when it eats into the sales gap between the PS3/360 that's what I really meant..

H3:ODST will probably sell alot but im 100% sure it will not affect hardware sales....

but to say M$ as NA in the bag is just crap other than Geasrs 2 what did they really have last year that was really a blockbuster seller....Fable 2 did great 1st numbers but have slowed some-what..??

wats in the pipeline for 2009

Halo Wars ? are you gonna buy it ?
Ninja Blade ?
another game by Rare ?
probably Forza 3..

Mass Effect if it comes out this year is probably the only game I will buy for the 360

Omega43458d ago

MS didnt have any system movers last year eh? And it still whopped the PS3's but in sales sure the pricecut helped but if the games werent there then it wouldnt of sold

As for 09 tell me the system sellers Sony has on offer all i got is a overhyped sequel to a poorly received game and two other games (GOW 3 and GT5) which arent even guaranteed for 09 apart from that there arnt any system sellers and this is a year Sony needs them

As for MS the games you mentioned (except NB) will likely sell more than all the other sony exclusives anyway and lets not forget all the other unannounced games as well

Sez 3458d ago

"You Guys Do Know that in 08 MS did TWO price Drops, Count them 2"

well you do know that sony had two price drop. thats right 2 with in it's first year out. so whats your point. sony did the same thing you say MS did. only difference is that the 360 been on the market for 3 years. while sony did it in their first year out.which no system before it has done.

003458d ago (Edited 3458d ago )

you're wrong it was one price cut, one in 08 and one in 07.

Danja3458d ago (Edited 3458d ago )

lets be realistic here the 360 was getting it's ass kicked sales wise all year until M$ announced the price cut in September and that's the only reason why the 360 came out on top in NA last year , the price cut helped the 360 also in EU where it was able to narrow the gap between the PS3 sales but it still did not outsell the PS3 there...and the PS3 ran circles around the 360 in Japan...dont act like NA is the entire world here...

If You really think Ninja Blade will sell really well then ur delusional , how much has NG2 sold already ?...well just divide those sales by 2..and you will see how much Ninja Blade will sell..

and how can you call KZ2 over-hyped when it has lived up the hype ?

you call a product over hyped when it couldn't live up top the expectations that were laid down for it to know like Halo 3..XD

and one more thing Sony doesn't rest all hope on one game to drive sales which is why they have so many games coming out this year I wont even bother to list them...

cherrypie3458d ago

'MS Fanboys think that because MS buys PSBrand games"

You mean former Sony partners want to support the Xbox 360 because it is the home of core-gamers and has a much higher install base -- right? JUST LIKE THE ARTICLE ABOVE IS TELLING YOU?

"and MS releases everything early"

You prefer to wait? Huh?

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360 man3458d ago

seriously wat do u expect

LeonSKennedy4Life3458d ago

We expect the PS3 to start selling better. After a price cut in a month or two, it WILL start to sell. We know that.

karlostomy3458d ago

but leon

Most recently the sales have been going backwards.
Just compare the month of nov, dec 07 to the monthe of nov, dec 08.

I am expecting more of this.