Roadmap to PS3 Firmware 3.0

Quote from site:

"Well the results from all of our polls asking you what additions, features or changes you would like to see made to the Firmware or PS3 system itself by Firmware 3.0 are in and we would like to thank you all for voting, here is a break down of the results from a total of 4282 unique voters".

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wotta3285d ago

On that site, it's amazing. :)

chaosatom3285d ago (Edited 3285d ago )


but on topic: i think ps3/ps1 games and cross game invite and chat will make it top xbl in no time and we can stop arguing on which is better.

FantasyStar3285d ago (Edited 3285d ago )

Off-Topic: That's pretty neat! It took a while for the next page to load, but it's pretty "unique".

On-Topic:Agreed, the reason I prefer XBL more is because it's easier to send out party invites, get people together, send voice messages, and starting a private chat so I only talk to my friend. It makes matchmaking games more fun because I'm not talking over someone else.

Unified Online Architecture FTW!

Mutley4163285d ago

They need to catch up on the chat & join player option ...It`s the beef and potatoes of the XBL...And is the reason why The XBL is better-

Cajun Chicken3285d ago

Apparently due to the patents MS took out for XBL, its going to be difficult for Sony to do it in a similar way. So my bet is, the firmware with these features is actually the next set of actual PS3 software.
Just look at the Killzone back cover when it was sent here, it had all the dev patches allowing custom soundtracks and all the others.

I think the next batch of games are the actual key to Cross-Chat and Join feature XBL has.

Kushan3285d ago

I don't think patents are going to be a problem and even if they were, they could just pay Microsoft royalties to use them.

Cajun Chicken3285d ago (Edited 3285d ago )

I'm pretty sure that Sony hasn't really been in the position for that, due to the price of the Cell and Blu-Ray they didn't pay off Immersion for rumble for ages.

I'd doubt they'd pay MS, that would be embarrasing for Sony, its exactly the same why MS are currently rejecting Blu-Ray on the 360.

Thats why Sony's been finding workarounds by patching the features into the games and not the actual firmware. They DON'T want to give a penny to MS and who blames them. Who in the past patented things on consoles, thats just stunting progress and being selfish, in my view.
If Nintendo patented the controller back on the NES, where would we be now?

Fruit Loops3285d ago

wow, i never saw it like that. thanks for the insight

Kushan3285d ago (Edited 3285d ago )

Ummmm...Nintendo DID patent the controller. They patented the whole console, every single console released (aside from a few of the open source Linux varients) are patented to hell. Ever wonder why the d-pads on nearly every console out there are vastly different? Because they're patented. Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, Sega, Philips, they all own a plethora of patents regarding games consoles. Don't pretend that Microsoft is more evil and has thus patented more stuff, they've all patented whatever they can because it makes business sense to. That's why you don't get cheap knockoff PS3's and 360's that can sort of play 360 and PS3 games.

In fact, Sega made a big mistake by NOT patenting the Mega Drive/Genesis correctly, which EA took complete advantage of (look at any EA game's genesis cartridge - notice it's different from standard Sega ones? They also didn't pay any royalties to Sega, either, which went to court - why do you think they screwed Sega over with regards to the Dreamcast? But I digress).

With regards to the ingame cross chat, it wouldn't matter if it was part of the OS or part of the game, any patents would still apply all the same. Plus, recently there's been a whole debaccle with Software Patents anyway, whereby nobody's sure if they're even legal or not (a verdict was recently passed that essentially nulled all software patents, but it hasn't went to court yet). If Sony hasn't added it, it's not due to patents, it's due to something else, like time or technical constraints (it may be hard to implement it WITHOUT breaking existing games)

EDIT: Just to solidify my argument, check this out -
Nintendo DID patent the NES, the patent only expired a short time ago.

Darkseider3285d ago (Edited 3285d ago )

The patents for cross game chat, player invites and custom sound tracks will not hold water in court. Simply put as long as the programming used, IE: Source code, is not the same the feature can be implemented. MS has been too complacent with their patent library, especially knowing that the majority of them are so vague they will not stand the test in court. This is why MS postured their patent portfolio at Linux and the open source community and were laughed at. Same goes for Sony or any other console manufacturer. If the source code is different, regardless of the method used, a software patent is moot.

Jellzy3284d ago (Edited 3284d ago )

Im all for Cross-game chat more than any other feature for a few reasons. These being;

1. The voice codecs/quality in some games are really crappy and it is hard to understand people at times, especially when 5 or 6 people are speaking at the same time or some eejit decides its a crackng idea to listen to music whilst remaining to have his headset on (Im looking @ u CoD, with ur un-mutable lobbies). Im guessing that private chat could use higher quality codecs and/or reserve more bandwidth for better quality.

2. It also doesnt help that most bluetooth headsets just arent that gd and your running around some games playing with what sounds like 10 or so 'Microsoft Sams...' Ok it isnt that bad but you get my point.

3. a couple of months back having already got a headset and laptop sitting rather closely me and a few friends spent £5 on a crappy although really reliable and good bit of kit. A profile 2.0 Technik Bluetooth USB adapter. Within about 15mins of setup, we had a much better quality private chat using skype whilst gaming. Having used both Ventrilo and TeamSpeak in the past it was alot more satisfying being able to talk to your freinds across games, and during games whilst they are loading and starting up etc. Point being although we didnt need to do this, we shouldnt really have to.

4. Erm... Actually think ive made my point and given my opinion...

Really i see this as the most needed feature of the PS3 as it allows for better quality chat, more organisation, and a better overall gaming community. I was all for Home and its game launching but a simple feature such as this for me alteast would be alot more apropriate as it allows the same functions without too much faffing about and in a quicker and sleeker presentation.

p.s. I understand why many of you would personally like to see Backwards Compatibility in your console via an emulator currently seen in the older 80G Consoles but this is just my 2 cents and my opinion. :D

Oo Yeah, and also as for Patents etc. as far as im aware as long as the source code is different but achieves the same results then it isnt infringment. So the whole MS patented this and that etc. is nothing more than a myth. If you have any proof the please share though as this sorta stuff interests me, and it would silence a niggling argument in the OTT console war.

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Sheddi3285d ago

One thing i would love is the option to install ur ps1,ps2,ps3 games on the HDD. That would be so awesome! I dont know how Sony should solve the problem with piracy then, but i know they can, Sony's smart! :P

Cajun Chicken3285d ago (Edited 3285d ago )

I've been wondering soley about the ripping of PSone games before, I mean, it should be possible. There must be a way like when you find album covers through the PS3 for MP3s but to do a similar search, but with the legality of your disc.
Just imagine having all your old PSone games availble to play indoors on your PS3 and elsewhere on your PSP, wouldn't that be excellent?

And a reason for those with a PSP to get a complimentary PS3?

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heyheyhey3285d ago

"Most Wanted Miscellaneous feature:
Price drop for the PS3 (20% of votes)"

this relates to firmware how?

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