The Digital Continuum: Will console MMOs succeed?

Massively writes:

"It's been a long time since I first wrote about console MMOs here, and in that time we've seen several promising titles enter development. Titles such as Free Realms, Champions Online, The Agency and DC Universe Online all have potential to be worth playing on a Playstation 3 or Xbox 360. But there are still questions as to whether MMOs can function on consoles and if there's enough interested players on any given platform to make the whole thing viable."

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Droid Control3462d ago

- exclusive on PC and Xbox 360...

panasonic233461d ago

i know 360 mmo lineup look awesome abp, dbz online, huxely, champion online, age of conan and many more.

Heldrasil3461d ago

They "could" if they would release something good...Final Fantasy XI on the 360 was utter crap and had the longest install of any piece of software I have ever owned.