Why Xbox Originals Is A Good Service

That Gaming Site writes: "Launched December 4, 2007 to coincide with the 2007 Q4 dashboard update, the Xbox Originals program was met with somewhat mixed reviews, most of these criticisms stem from the high price point of many titles. Regardless, we here at That Gaming Site consider Xbox Originals a good program; here are a few reasons why."

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raiden_933492d ago

I haven't downloaded any Xbox Originals yet, still waiting for Shenmue II or Jet Set Radio: Future to become availible.

Elven63492d ago

Both those games are great but sold like crap, Sega should have pushed those instead of "Soccer Slam" which albeit was good but the others would have been more widely accepted.

The Lazy One3492d ago

it sold pretty well, it just seemed like it didn't because almost everyone got it in a bundle with that and that one sega racing game (forgot the name).

Sweet game though. I think you can get it for like a dollar at used game stores.

Bnet3433492d ago

I think they should of been $10 and add games that are hard to get these days like Panzer Dragoon Orta, JetSetRadioFuture, Shenmue 2, Marvel vs Capcom 2, etc.

tplarkin73492d ago

Dreamfall: The Longest Journey and Halo. I bought Halo when it was on sale. They both run very well.

The benefit is that they run off the HDD. It may not sound like much, but I appreciate it when I don't have to insert a disk.

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PirateThom3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

These are terrible reasons... the fact is, the Originals service had potential due to the low number of people who owned the original XBox, but it's kind of been lost. Where's games like Shenmue II or Knights of the Old Republic? It is way overpriced (you can easy pick the games up for a lot less on eBay/second hand shops) and the games still contain the bugs and glitches of the disc versions running on the 360, no tweaks to fix the problems.

NaiNaiNai3492d ago

that true, i could buy it on XBL for about 10 bucks or i could go shell out 3-4 bucks and get the same game. but then again, i wont play any of the old games, cause well. most look like crap on my HDTV.

but i love how my ps2 games, still look great. XD

Elven63492d ago

Again going back to the point, if you hate the used games market like many gamers do, are you really willing to buy a used game or buy the game from a service that will allow you to give the original developers of the game a cut?

NaiNaiNai3492d ago

the games are old, they already made there money, they don't need more, if they needed more it wouldn't be selling for 10$ new. real simple

PirateThom3492d ago

Personally, I'd rather own the game on a disc than buy from a download service. I never buy games second hand if they're still available at retail, but owning a physical copy is preferable to owning a digital file, even if I have to go the pre-owned route. Sucks the developers don't get a cut, but it's also not my fault their game isn't available to buy new.

But that's just me.

Elven63492d ago

@ NaiNaiNai: Tim Schafer and Alex Seropian say Hi, their are probably more but those are two of the more renowned examples.

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Cajun Chicken3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

I don't like XBOX originals, because I know, I JUST know that the games that weren't ever patched on the 360 BC updates, even though I own the physical disc, I will still be forced to buy the game in order to play it on my 360.
For example as I see Serious Sam 2 or Oddworld: Strangers Wraith go live onto XOs I will buy them in an instant and forget about the old disc copy I have, and in effect, fill up a huge portion of the 20GB HD which I have already filled up with Mass Effect (to stop the awful disc reading noise and increase texture loading) and XBLA games. Then I will have no choice but to either:

A: Delete some beloved stuff from my 20GB HDD.
B. Fork out lots of money and buy a ridiculously priced 60gb harddrive, which once I get more XOs, then maybe a 120GB.

Was there really any reason for MS to release this service except the fact that they didn't wnat you playing old and secondhand XBOX games for free anymore?

Elven63492d ago

It looks like your doing something wrong, you don't need to buy a Xbox Originals title to play your disc based version of said Original Xbox title. Just pop the disc in and you might be prompted for a update, if the disc is apart of the list of bc titles then it will work just fine.

If anything Xbox Originals will convince Microsoft to continue patching original Xbox titles since they now have a new source of revenue that if the next Xbox is backwards compatible via hardware will also work their as well.

Cajun Chicken3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

As far as I know MS dropped the BC updates and Sony shortly followed with BC as a whole just afterwards.

The games I speak of are ones that haven't been BC updated and never will, instead to play them on the 360 (My XBOX is pretty much dead, for some odd reason, it only loads Halo...) I have to buy them again.

I have about 21 original XBOX games and only 12 of those were ever patched and the emulation of some of the titles were terrible, like the case of Armed and Dangerous, try this, once you get to a bit with the jetpack the framerate is horrible and virtually makes the rest of the game unplayable after about the first 4 levels, in Munches Oddysee you can't actually hear the soundtrack but the sound effects are stupidly loud no matter how much you change and save the options.

XOs just seems like a sneaky way to get people to pay again for games they already own in disc form and never patched to work on the 360. In spring 07 MS STOPPED doing updates, later that year XOs appeared...coincidence?
Couldn't they actually CONTINUE the BC updates for games they WON'T put up on XOs? Probably not, because that would lose money for MS.

To sum it up, XOs, good for people who never played some of the XBOX games, bad for those of us who still own our XBOX games and basically get forced to pay to play them on the 360 along with the limited amount of patched titles.

UNLESS, not to my knowledge when a XO is put up, a emulation patch for the XBOX disc is put up the same time. But from what I know, so far the XOs have only been games already patched in the past for full download.

The Lazy One3492d ago

with backwards compatibility updates.

They aren't updating as fast as they did originally, but they still update. They usually do about one per year, but they don't announce it that often, so unless the press checks the site, you probably won't hear about it without checking yourself.

here's the official list:

I'm kind of surprised they didn't open backwards compatibility updating to the public. I'm sure plenty of people would have done it for them.

Cajun Chicken3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

I'm fairly sure they totally stopped in 2007, I'll try out some old XBOX games that aren't listed and find out. I already know about that list, but these updates have never included the game I've wanted to work except when Armed and Dangerous was updated about mid summer in 2007.

I know for sure the PS2 back catelogue is being updated secretly on the EU 60GB PS3s though.

Neoraf3492d ago

LOL Cajun Chicken!

The Xbox360 is (and always will be) Backward Compatible!
C'mon on, get yourself informed!

You don't need to buy anything if you got the old Xbox game disc.
I still play Halo2 in my 360 with my old xbox disc... and everything's fine!

Xbox Originals (downloadable on Xbox Live) is for people not owning the game disc.

Sony screwed up BC...
Microsoft is now the BC leader.

Tony P3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

Let's not jump all over Cajun. MS has stated explicitly that the BC updates were "winding down" and that MS had already added the games "people want to play" which doesn't include games like Otogi or DOAX (which I want to play). *shrug*

This was about a year ago:

"If your favourite Xbox game is yet to be featured on the list, it looks like it may not ever be. "At this point the stuff that's left is work per title, every title now is almost a one-off. Right now we have to think, are we really going to do 300 one-off titles? I know it's not exactly the answer everyone wants to hear, but I feel like it's time."

A direct quote from MS's spokesperson A. Penello in that interview.

Does that sound like a company willing to continue BC updates? Your optimism is inspiring.

I personally don't think XOs are that bad of an idea, but I can certainly see where people like Cajun are coming from when I read this then consider the sizeable number of titles I own yet cannot play. And considering we didn't see an update in 2008 at all, I wouldn't hold my breath.

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TheMART3492d ago

Oh hell for sure



BTW all 360's are able to play XBOX 1 games (even the Arcade's are able to upgrade when a HDD is put on it) but not all PS3's can play PS2 games, not even if you upgrade anything on the system.

Once again Microsoft had the best solution.

Eiffel3492d ago

You can only play a select few of originals, most you either have to find a patch for it or buy the game re released for the 360 as an original. Only a few games have done this though.

TheMART3492d ago


You can download & play some selected originals from XBL, but you can play most XBOX 1 games on DVD by the emulator thats on the 360 HDD. Here is the list of them

It doesn't needs to be re-released for the 360 and it doesn't need a patch.

A few games right? Nope, a long, long list

Elven63492d ago

Find a patch? For what!

The entire update is one file, even if you only want to play lets say Halo: CE on your Xbox 360 it will download what ever build is available on the server allowing you to play all titles on the bc list.

If you don't have XBL you just download the update from Microsoft's site or get one from a OXM disc and your good to go. You don't need to find a patch like you claim.

LeonSKennedy4Life3492d ago

Don't listen to him, please. He doesn't know what he's talking about.

Yes, Xbox Originals is a great service. How many times can you download these from an account?

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LostChild3492d ago

Beyond Good&Evil, KOTOR and NFL2k5...I am not buying.

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