Assassin's Creed 2: What We Want To See

Endsights writes:

"Assassin's Creed hit consoles on November 13, 2007 and impressed us with its open-ended gameplay. This unique game proved that the platforming genre was not dead and there was still plenty of innovation to be seen. With the ending leaving the story wide open for a sequel, we got together and thought about what we would want from Assassin's Creed 2."

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The combat MUST be varied!

Also more varied missions, too repetitive!

MasFlowKiller3282d ago

That And a better way of telling the story

dannyhinote_133282d ago

Agreed. Combat was plodding and having to do too much of it...No...just no.

Gun_Senshi3282d ago

It was a great game but missions / bosses / combat was too repetitive.

Jager3282d ago

Fist Assassins creed didnt have subtitles, aka, 2nd assassins creed should have that.

Chexd3282d ago

Didnt it have them?

Thats bad. I would have thought it would have been industry-standard for subtitles to allow people who are hard of hearing to enjoy the game.

Hopefully it won't be long until its a requirement in every game.

ShinFuYux3282d ago

-Add better animation to when he's climbing down a building.
-Add more interactivity in the cities themselves.
-Different animations to every time he made a jump
-Keep the same graphics, please, oh please, don't make it cell-shaded like POP.
-Add more weapons
-Make it in a historical city so we can discover this uncharted lands from the past.
-Don't give us cheesy boss fights like the last-ending boss.
-No loading between cities. PLEASE. I hated that in the first.
-Make the cities bigger and more detailed like GTA4
-Make the cities more alive, people should act more realistically.
-Add features that Mirrors Edge had, like you run twice as fast when you are running for a while, run on walls, do optional rolls, attack the enemy while running, (don't use that "runner vision" crap, i felt i was spoon fed when i played the game.)
-Give you access to entering some buildings, discover the inside also.
-Let animals (like dogs) chase you, birds attack you when you're near their nest, cats get scared when they see you, bugs bother you when you stand still.
-Side missions. Like: a man ask you to find his son lost in the woods, so you have to do your parkour in the woods, do some stealth killing in the woods like in MGS3.
-Over the shoulder camera view (Like gears of war). Make it optional too.

Those are my ideas in how the game should be like. But chances are...none of that would be there.