Square-Enix: Inspiration or Plagiarism? "When Square-Enix and Jupiter released The World Ends With You for the DS, I was stoked but I wasn't the only one. Hordes of RPG gamers from around the world lapped up the game's innovative touch-screen combat, mosaic culture and amazing music. It was always the story that caught me. Nothing was ever as it seemed and just when you thought the stakes couldn't get higher, they did.

"But just the other day, I came across a very strange little property called Shi15ya (pronounced, 'Shibuya 15'). A 2005 Japanese-Drama series broadcast on TV Asahi, it centers around 15 year old kids in Shibuya, Tokyo.

"This Shibuya is actually a virtual simulation (like, say, Shibuya UG) created by some one (a Game Master, for instance) who watches over its 'inhabitants' (or Players) and when they don't function according to the rules, an enforcer is sent to 'kill' (or Erase) them. Sound familiar?"

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Kamikaze1353495d ago

This was known since the release of the game. Yes...SE can't come up with original ideas anymore, which blows. Remakes and ports seem to be all they're doing lately. Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest and Kingdom Hearts seem to be all they know how to do.

KeezNah3495d ago

Not doubting you or anything, but can you link to any similar reports about these claims? I followed the game quite a bit but never read anything about this plagiarism of sorts.

Nike3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

1. Think no one noticed given that Shi15ya bombed badly (god damn Kamen Rider freaks!)

2. The real question being asked is whether SE were inspired by it or they outright plagiarized some of it given the blatant similarities between the two. That's why it's called an article, and not a news post.

Baka-akaB3495d ago

It's not the first time they were inspired by other forms of entertainment , like FF7 and Berserk .. nor are they the only , like capcom and Jojo Bizarre adventures and again Berserk . Like said above , it depends if it's pure theft , or just inspirations .

Game creators and designers are fans of stuff too ....

Gue13495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

What with Berserk? Can you explain a little or post a link? You mean that S-E copied the big-ass sword of Cloud from the one of Guts or something?