Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Preview at CheatCC

CheatCC says: "There are a lot of hopes for this upcoming sequel both from Naughty Dog and fans. With an interactive storyline that will draw you in, compelling voice over work, stunning graphics, and gameplay that will be familiar and new at the same time, there's no doubt they will be able to deliver. This one will make this holiday season feel like a summer action movie."

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swiftshot933341d ago

make the platforming like PoP, and we have a winner.

xg-ei8ht3341d ago

ROFL @ THE VID. bubbles +1

xg-ei8ht3341d ago

Uncharted is AWESOME.

More PS3 owners really don't know what they are missing out on.

It's a thrill ride all the way along.

Best story and some of the best graphics i've seen. and i've pretty much seen them all.

Enjoyable to the end.

Go get the first and you'll be itching to play the second game, just like me.

grantps33341d ago

i dont see why the first one wasnt that popular.

it realy should of got the average score of 9.3/10
maybe a little lower because the story line was somewhat predictable, except the end. lol

under rated.

Uncharted 2 + killzone 2 = great year for gaming

Cajun Chicken3341d ago

Uncharted is the finest game I have played this gen. At that rate, hell knows how I'll be able to judge things once Uncharted 2 comes out.