EXCLUSIVE: Killzone 2 Revealed: The Full Chat Log - DigitalChumps

Digital Chumps writes: "Three hours of Q&A with hardcore gamer and Sony Editor Steven McGehee (whose name is highlighted in Green throughout the log) -- Logged right here at DigitalChumps for your reading pleasure."

Warning: potential spoilers.

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Jager3487d ago

MASSIVELY old video lol...

coolcole933487d ago

That's not the article, though. Click the link to the interview.

coolcole933487d ago


I'll add a warning to the description

GameGambits3487d ago

Other than the video being old I went and read all of it pretty fast.

The spoilers weren't spoilers. It was just him talking about the length of each of the missions and he can only talk about the first 6 missions. He didn't even talk about the missions in ANY detail. It's like he barely paid attention to the game as he played.

The last 2 pages of it were just him and some other people rambling on about old consoles and food. Completely a waste of time to anyone.

He didn't know squat about the weapons in game. He kept saying it was generic and he expected it to be revolutionary. He also has only spent about 3 hours on the MP which is the meat of this game. He didn't know squat about the classes, how clan and tournaments work, etc.

Basically this guys review of K2 will be a 100% pointless, because he isn't fit to review jack squat.

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SAiOSiN3487d ago

I hate when people use the old E3 07' footage. Dumbsh1ts!

BMS843487d ago

I ve read one page and stopped reading , because i ll get the game , but this is a huge spoiler ... and he says" o i can't say that... bla bla" wait till feb 2nd and gives basicaaly every detal away...

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The story is too old to be commented.