Siliconera Speaks Up: How Can We Get More Women to Game?

The game industry has seen an influx of women getting into casual games. Do you think that the industry needs to change for women to be interested in more serious console and PC games?

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Chris3993492d ago

Much as I personally dislike the thing, I can't deny it's appeal to demographics/ tastes outside my own.

While my neighbors, 2 lovely French-Canadian ladies, were in slight awe of my PS3/ 360, surround sound, LCD setup, they spoke with their dollars and purchased a Wii.

Women like the Wii. They like it's name, they like it's - questionable - software.

I can't see myself ever purchasing one, but they will sell regardless of my vote.

kesvalk3491d ago

well, i got my female friends playing game with super smash bros, after 4 or 5 weeks, they were my best training partners on the game, today they are as good as the rest of my group and even win the tournaments we make...

heck only after i showed them super smash that they started to like games, one of them even dug up a old PSone and it's playing all the RPGs i had for it...

it's a matter of showing the girls something that they will like...

just like i made with my parents, i can't not even win one race in mario kart if i play with my dad...