Yakuza 3 trailers and images look so good it hurts

After the break you can see two new excellent new Ryu ga Gotoku 3 (Yakuza 3) trailers and a handful of high res images from Sega Japan.

One movie features beautifully rendered cutscenes interspersed with some great looking gameplay whilst the other shows you kicking people's heads in.

The images show some more karaoke fun and some golf.

Sega told videogaming247 last week that there are there are no plans for a Western release.


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GWAVE3464d ago

Huh. It looks fantastic. Can't wait to try it out. Yet another PS3 game to watch.

Le Idiotce3464d ago

So in other words, GTA4 looks good despite it being multi platform and therefore:

1) PS3 graphics aint that good or is overhyped (we dont need PS3!) or
2) 360 can do graphics just as good (we dont need PS3, more games to 360 please).

But we all know those are lies.

Infamous and Yakuza 3 are both sandbox games and they make GTA4 look like a PS2 game.

Lets face it, GTA4 could have looked as good as Infamous and Yakuza 3 if it were PS3 exclusive...

Blu Ray is made for games with high data, like sandbox games and RPGs.

Sheddi3464d ago

I agree with u, it looks real good.

Btw, did someone else notice this?
Check out the background to the left of him.

PixlSheX3464d ago

Lolololol. I noticed it too hahahahaha.

eagle213464d ago

@leidiotce...I agree 100% man. Blu-ray ftw!

I will import this from if Sega doesn't change their mind. Too awesome to miss! :)

Ju3464d ago

Not just the BD. HDD is a huge advantage if you can virtualize the memory (like all level/world streaming). This can render mem constrains virtually non existent (or at least above what's physical in the machine).

Jamegohanssj53464d ago

I guess this will be my first import.


Hububla3464d ago

This game looks SICK!! looks like there isnt much that you cant use as a weapon in this game...! and by the looks of it i have no reason to buy the new UFC game coming out this year!! CAGE FIGHTING FTW!!

dukadork23464d ago (Edited 3464d ago )

spot on buddy!

for R*'s defense:
sand box games are not all equal in scope: in GTA4 (and inFamous), you can jump and fly anywhere at anytime. buildings are tall and streets are wide which open frequent long perspective breakthroughs and streaming complexity. yakuza 3 seems much more geographically confined with typical tokyo narrow streets. what i love about yakuza 3 is the mix GTA + SF: seems like a real fighting game, while GTA's combat sux

that said,it's dead obvious GTA4 would've been way better as a PS3 exclusive.

amazing times guys:
SEGA is back in full force!


SaiyanFury3464d ago

This game WILL be released on North America, of that I have no doubt. The delay in North American releases of this series is already well known to be around a year simply because of everything needing translation. When it comes to North America, I will be getting this game day one. I LOVE this series as it's a masterful mesh of storytelling and gameplay.

HardcoreGamer3464d ago

you should buy yakuza 1 and 2 for ps2 for cheap a$$ around. they are AAA games and are already out . yakuza 2 was my best purchase since mgs4, and thats serious

sonarus3464d ago

Yakuza and infamous are no where as dense as GTA4 was. I do agree that infamous and yakuza look miles better but there are degrees of open world and if GTA4 is a 5 i would put infamous as a 4 and yakuza at 3.

Yakuza looks completely amazing though. Best looking game coming out of Japan. I hope Sega brings it to the west PRONTO

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TheHater3464d ago

This is a sandbox game right? If it is, they why is people saying that GTA graphic are good for a sandbox game when this game just blow it out of the water in terms of graphics. As for gameplay, we will see. But to be honest, GTA IV gameplay was sub par at best.

Kamikaze1353464d ago

Because GTA offers a much larger map(s)...however, over half of the map it offers gives you nothing at all to do and is only there for looks. In the Yakuza series, there are TONS of things to do. You can easily forget about the main mission for hours by getting caught up doing other things - like playing mini games or playing side quests.

Yakuza = Quality
GTA = Quantity

Shane Kim3464d ago

Wait! Aaron Greenberg told me that sandbox games couldn't look better than GTA4. Was that liezz??

TheHater3464d ago

I am afraid that was a lie dude

Sheddi3464d ago

If only I could understand Japanese :(

Strife Lives3464d ago

no plans for a western release? ! ? ? Gees. . .that sucks.well. . .it is on ps3. . .so,I might try importing it :)

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