How ExiledGamers learned to stop worrying and love the wii. : Editorial

There is one thing that ExiledGames has had a hard time understanding recently (besides the US Presidential election rules). That is the negative feelings that many hardcore gamers have towards the Nintendo Wii. Surely the Wii is too nice and harmless to cause anyone to feel any animosity towards it. So ExiledGamers decided to put the thinking cap on to find out why the Wii is unpopular with the serious gamer. Alas ExiledGamers has not found the answer, but have come to the conclusion that serious gamers should really embrace the Wii, rather than fight it. After all the Wii is everywhere now and as a slightly less friendly group of machines put it, 'resistance is futile'. Just look at those sales figures for proof.

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Parapraxis3460d ago (Edited 3460d ago )

A great Editiorial.

The Wii is a great console as a companion to 360/PS3 or a gaming PC because it offers such a different approach to the concepts behind gaming.

The only games close to what the Wii offers for family fun oriented games found on Wii are Singstar, LittleBigPlanet, Lips, Rock Band, Guitar Hero, High Velocity Bowling, Buzz! Quiz TV and a few others.

The majority of games on Wii are made to be played in a group. Those are the most successful on that console as well.

The hardcore gamer (such as myself) will always ask for more games geared towards them. More "traditional" games. However it's not a high priority for Nintendo. And with good reason, there are other platforms that are focused wholly on those demographics already.

For many the Wii is viewed as unnecessary , but it does not make the gaming experiences on it any less enjoyable for others. Just because you feel you don't need something is not reason to hate it.

On the other hand the Wii is completely necessary for some. Many older gamers simply don't have the time for "traditional" games so a console that offers games you can pick up and receive instant satisfaction from is needed. As well as many newcomers to the gaming world feel less intimidated by the Wii, they see the enjoyment their family members get from the games and in most cases take part as well.

The Wii is extremely accessible for newcomers, and extremely convenient for people who don't have the time to sit down and play 10 hour long games. Many of those young newcomers will most likely get into traditional games as they get older.

As well many older people will come away with a better understanding of why people play games. Which is fantastic as many older folks who have not gamed and did not understand the appeal before the Wii, often looked upon gaming in a negative light.

Hardcore gamers get jealous when they see the Wii has the highest selling titles this gen, but it's got a huge HUGE install base.
I find it really hard to see any percieved negatives the Wii brings outweighing the positive things the Wii has done for the gaming industry.

Hating the Wii is pointless and silly.

gametheory3460d ago

In the end you can do anything the Wii can do on PS3 and 360, so the Wii is useless. That's why hardcore gamers hate to see a piece of garbage sell so much, because there is no R&D merit from Nintendo's part, it's all just business merit. A simple case of a company that had to look for a way to make money without having to invest a dime. The funny and sad thing is that it paid off more than actually investing billions in making a good product.

I don't blame Nintendo for Wii's success and for Wii's mediocrity as a gadget, I blame those that made it successful, namely those that only own a Wii and think it's the best thing since slice bread. I blame the sheep mentality of most people for Wii's success, the same reason that makes Brittney more successful than music academics and its music more popular than Classical music. The same reason McDonalds is eaten everywhere instead of healthy and delicious food.

But hey, if it makes money for me as an investor, then I'm all for people's stupidity.

Parapraxis3460d ago

gametheory, I agree with you completely.

My main point is there is no need to hate it.
We as gamers need to look at the positive and not the negative.;)