GameCyte: F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin Demo Impressions

In 2005, "F.E.A.R." rocked the FPS gaming world by introducing sophisticated horror and smart A.I. into a genre that had long relied on stop-and-pop combat. Enemies would team to flank you, spectacular, booming bullet ballets would ensue, and just when you thought things were safe, your enemies all dead, a horrific little girl with a penchant for human incineration would begin messing with your head.

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IMBACKPP3463d ago

After playing both Killzone 2 and Fear 2 i will have to chose Fear 2 over killzone 2 its definitely better and scary also the blood splatter looks way more better than killzone 2 .Some level of the game out shines killzone 2 in graphics. Killzone 2 will have to take the back seat until a decent shooter comes out (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2) or even better (HALO3 ODST).

Watkins3463d ago

lol, we aren't trolling now are we?

Rockstar3463d ago

Yep, this really is pp...confirmed in this sentence:

"...the blood splatter looks way more better than killzone 2"

I'm sure your full review of K2 will be "way more better" than your demo impressions as well.

And don't worry, I'm working away at your bubbles.
No worries.

wicked3463d ago

Played the demo yesterday and I was quite impressed. Never played the first was it any good?