Harsh Gaming: FEAR 2 Demo Impressions

Harsh Gaming writes:

"The game is as linear as they come (or at least the game play shown in the demo is). It worked for the original game and there should not be any major reason as to why it will not work again. It is a narrative-based FPS so enclosed environments allow for a tighter control on the plot development. The demo was paced well with the breaks in combat filled by spectral flashes, peculiar going-ons and jumpy frights. Veterans of the series will be accustomed to Project Origin's ways. It does not feel that fresh this time around, although we will wait and see if there are any heart-attack inducing moments in the finished code."

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HolyOrangeCows3311d ago (Edited 3311d ago )

One of the most linear games (Demo) I have played in a while.
I'm sick of PC gamers (Like on GT) blaming consoles for FEAR 2 not being as good as one. They ought to be blaming the lazy developers for not beefing up the PC version. Not blaming inanimate objects.

baraka0073310d ago

I played the demo on PC and I thought it was fun... You people just complain to much IMO