GamersDigest Dawn of Waw Beta Giveaway

"The Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II multiplayer beta is scheduled to open to everyone on the 28th of January, as reported by GamersDigest in one of their previous articles."

You can get early access however;

"GamersDigest is proud to announce that we have 25 early access beta keys for the Dawn of War II beta, courtesy of THQ."


The give-away has finished.

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Cronnie3376d ago

Oops, my bad, thanks for the heads up ;)

ChampIDC3376d ago

I'm in the Steam beta because I bought the whole Dawn of War series on a Steam weekend deal, but I'm afraid to go online and play, because I imagine everyone that got into that one by owning Dawn of War: Soulstorm are already most likely experienced in the game. I only ever play RTS games for the single player and playing with friends, because I'm just not that great at micro.

Maybe there'll be some people like me playing when it opens up, so I can not feel so noobish, haha.

Cronnie3376d ago

Have a few games against the bots too, so you get a chance to see what the game is about before jumping straight into online :)