Final Fantasy XI Online bans hundreds of players

Via "Bannination is at hand in the land of Final Fantasy XI Online, people! According to a news bulletin posted at the game's official site, an issue allowing players to create multiple items for particular treasures and rewards by exploiting the game system in areas like Salvage and Assault were discovered on November of last year by the team."

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ZackFair3377d ago

N4G still fails to filter out ancient news, lol. P


poindat3377d ago

Immediately made me think of Strong Bad and Trogdor. Good times...

mpmaley3377d ago

Minidragon on Bismarck got perma'd.

He had 5 relics, 3 full salvage sets, and a crap load of other stuff.

SE just crapped on A LOT of people.

Glad I quit this game a long time ago and got my life back :)

Tru_Ray3376d ago

I was a lvl 75 PLD/WAR. Once you start doing the end game stuff it is a whole lot of DRAAMAA. Tanking Byakko and doing Zilart mission 1 - 13 were probably the highlights of my career.

Sarick3377d ago (Edited 3377d ago )

About time.

Thought about posting it on 22 but decided Nope.

I heard some of the petfoodalpha contributors where ban as well on Odin.

robotnik3377d ago

Good job SE, now the endgame of FF its a bit more clean. That's what you get for cheating. They thought they got away, and then BAM, the banhammer

thats_just_prime3376d ago

Maybe but SE knew about this for how long and never bother to fix it so they ban the players for using it instead sounds like complete BS to me

mfwahwah3376d ago

You're saying it's bull**** that SE allowed cheaters to play for like a year longer before being banned?

I think that's very generous....

Voiceofreason3376d ago

You let them do it for a year so you can clearly see who is taking advantage of the system. They probably let you get away with it once or twice but ban the ones that really abused it..As they should have. I've played just about every major PC MMO. Got to high levels and decent gear in all of them, never once cheated.Had the chance to on many occasions, it just takes away the sense of accomplishment for me.

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