Gametrailers The Darkness footage

Hot new Darkness footage. Enjoy

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techie4314d ago

Holy Sh't! That's one hell of a tech demo. Some of that gameplay looked amazing. Can't wait to see what the final game looks like when all the graphics look as good as the screens we've seen

PS360PCROCKS4314d ago

I thought the same thing I was sitting their watching and I'm like "Holy Sh*t" this looks FUN!!! I now know more about this game because I never knew you were the creatures as well, that's so cool though...and I thought the graphics were actually really good, good textures and all. Definetly watching this closer for now on

Mishmash194314d ago

Yea that tech demo was very, very impressive. I was not big into this game at first, but after seeing the screens this past week and now this demo, it looks like I may pick this up when it is released. I thought the gameplay mechanics looked fantastic.

Gamer134314d ago

Can,t wait to play it, the action is should spot on.

IM OUT...///"""

spacetoilet4314d ago

Ps3 supports it so I hope some of these FPS developers will put in extra code for a mouse and keys option. If not, I wont bother with this.

techie4314d ago

Yes that is a spot on idea...get onto Sony now! Wow what a way to grab the PC gaming might be onto something there. They haven't done that with any of the games so far have they?

spacetoilet4313d ago

But Epic did say they would support it for Unreal 03, but they said that ages ago and I haven't heard them mention that for a long time.

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The story is too old to be commented.