Money to burn? Buy a lifesize Fallout 3 dolly

Are you sitting around with no friends? Do you feel that no one loves or understands you? Well then here is you solution, head on over to eBay and buy yourself a life size Fallout 3 doll.

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Timesplitter143372d ago

I want one of Cammy from Street Fighter, because...

well... there are important THINGS I'd do with it.

Mindboggle3372d ago

WOW it doesnt get much sadder than that.

Graphics Whore3372d ago

That's pretty bad ass. If I had space and the money I'd get it for my gaming room.

Flare1493372d ago

Jeez...I'd get that just to have it. I mean, Fallout 3 is pretty new, but in 10 or so years a collector might pay a ton for it. Also the max bid is currently only $100 and it ends on the 4th. If it doesn't change by Feb 3rd I might just throw in in another $10 and get my friend from NY to buy it for me. I mean really, $100 for something like that is REALLY cheap, and I could make a huge profit off of it later. I guess it is kinda risky though

Are_The_MaDNess3372d ago

seriously tho it looks cool