Gran Turismo 5 - PS3 system seller but where the hell is it?


"We talked yesterday about whether Killzone 2 was likely to be a system-seller for the PS3 or not. Sony clearly needs one game to rule them all in order to shift some units to the mainstream and I doubt it'll be the FPS sequel. But Gran Turismo 5 could fill that gap, if and when it finally arrives. Seriously why such a long wait?"

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Chris3993464d ago

Sony should pace out their year. A U.S. price-cut late spring to spur sales after KZ2. A European price-cut in the fall closer to Christmas and time with the release of the game (EU loves their Gran Turismo).

It's nice to see Sony smack-talking lately. Curious how the press is all over for them for it, but continue to ignore MS' foibles and foot-in-mouth syndrome. Still waiting for ONE journalist to ask for a definite answer on failure rates. Closest we ever got was that "moving target quote" from Moore.

Anyhoo, I hope the sassy talk keeps coming, along with price-cuts and an amazing lineup.

Competition is healthy for the industry.

P.S. PS3 JRPG fans, make sure that you buy X-Edge in March. It's a niche 2.5D game, sorta like the original Valkyrie Profile.

vhero3464d ago

Yep and FF13 taking even longer than this and nobody says anything *yawn* sick of it. The fact is the graphics are that high res and detailed they don't take 5 minutes to make unlike other games.

Sarcasm3464d ago (Edited 3464d ago )

Damn, is 95% of articles these days filled with idiots?

PSone launched - 1994
Gran Turismo 1 launched - 1997

3 years...

PS3 launches end of 2006
GT5 could be here end of 2009

3 years...

Sony knows that GT5 is going to be their most Gigantic first party title ever. That's why they treated GT5P like a full game with advertisements and everything.

and GT5 plus a $299 PS3 will sell millions.

UnDone143464d ago

I was thinking the exact same thing. Should Gran Turismo 5 be ready by the summer, right around launch time, they could drop the price of the PS3 (I live in U.S. but Europe should get a price cut as well). Sales would be CRAZY! Not just because GT5 is launching, but the price of the system would be cheaper. Potential Blu-Ray buyers, gamers, GT5 fans, everybody would jump on the PS3 train. Either way, I see a price cut in the summer. Maybe it'll be $50 bucks, then in the fall, they would drop another $50-100.

I HOPE GT5 launches in the summer like GT3 did, but I doubt it. PROVE ME WRONG SONY!

thats_just_prime3464d ago

why do fanboys hype every single exclusive as a system seller ? Seriously LBP and R2 were suppose to be HUGE system selers too but not only did they not move systems they didnt even sell all that great

sloth4urluv3464d ago

The info about the first Gran turismo taking 3 years to come out on the PS1 is pointless. It was the first of its series, what relevance does that have to do with anything?

More usefull data would be that GT3 came out July 2001 compared to the PS2's October 2000, but I guess that was omitted because it didnt fit your argument.

Blademask3464d ago (Edited 3464d ago )

For gods sake, how many times can this be said. I'm sure the entire Gran Turismo knows when GT5 will be done. When its done, and it turns out to be one of the best games you've ever played. As usual. I've literally bought my Playstations because of this game.
But damn, its like the media thinks Sony is in the position to where they need to throw everything out in the first hour. GT has never had a release date, and we are right on schedule with the Prologue first, then the full. As long as its out before the world ends (2012) I'll be perfectly happy, as will most in the GT community.

Enough with trying to paint it as an immediacy issue. Its not. Would I love to have it now? What gamer wouldn't. Is there stuff to play in the meantime? Including PROLOGUE??? Yes. And I just want to say, that Polyphony has done an excellent job keeping prologue refreshed with updates, listening to the communities( etc) and implementing features into prologue that I think many people miss. Sure it doesn't have private rooms, but it is a DEMO. So I can understand not implementing certain things. I'm happy that Prologue was terrible with the onlien matchmaking, it used to take ages. Now its as long as Motorstorm2/Socom/Resistance2.

- They killed the rubber-banding for expert class races.
- Added ABS shutoff completely
- Removed/Added certain events
- Added new vehicles: Ferrari California\Lotus\Citroen Concept\others.

There is constant support from SCEA for events with people like Tanner Faust and other contests. I mean, its pretty well supported for a demo/sample version of the game.

The only people worried about GT5's arrival time, is 360 fans, sony haters, and a few minority fans.

Edit: @ thats_just_prime - 1 hour ago (a clear n00b gamer)

Because the GT franchise has sold more than any Xbox/360 Halo/Gears combined maybe? Has everyone started gaming yesterday? Jesus christ.

Games like LBP/R2 are system sellers because they add to the game library. Like how Gears2/Fable2 didn't have any noticeable spikes in console performance history compared to last year, but how MGS4 moved a significant amount of consoles more so than GTA4 did on either console. So far, 16 million people have been convinced to buy it. More than the 360 in the same time period.

sloth4urluv3464d ago

Not saying GLOOM and DOOM for the playstation, just pointing out you can manipulate numbers and such to support your argument.

I have no doubt that GT5 will be great when its finished.

SL1M DADDY3463d ago

Because they are the best racing games in terms of meeting the casual and hardcore market needs. To do this however, they require some time to make a near perfect game - something that Polyphony Digital can do. You don't become the best and well know racing game developers by tossing out shovelware racing games.

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Sir Ken_Kutaragi3464d ago

Well if you ever played a Gran Turismo game, you will see that the guys who make Gran Turismo are perfectionist!!!;)
When you do get a Gran Turismo game it's always worth the wait!!! ;-P
(Saying that, Hurry up please, i want it NOW!!!) ;-D

ambientFLIER3464d ago

Really? Is that why GT4 didn't have damage, tire marks, good AI, or online racing? Is that why GT5P has the same issues? Hmm, perfection...

GiantEnemyLobster3464d ago

Its not a system seller. Notice how GT5 prologue had no impact on boosting console sales? What makes you think the full version will? Thats right.. it won't.

infamous_273464d ago

Gran Turismo 5 prologue didn't sell consoles because the game well... was only a demo :P

Cupid_Viper_33464d ago (Edited 3464d ago )

that killzone 2 taught them nothing. it took years to make Shreck, toys story, walle, and those are just movies. killzone 2, GT1, GT2, GT3, GT4, mgs4, get it? when you're making a masterpiece, it requires time and skills. it took God 7 days to create the earth according to Genesis, and He's the Almighty.

to make a long story short, quit whining and WAIT, you have no other choice.

LarVanian3464d ago

Brilliant post. Perfect answer to the article. Bubbles for you.

Sarcasm3464d ago

The same idiots will complain "Why didn't it take God only 6 days to make earth? Microsoft works faster than god"

thats_just_prime3464d ago

LOL at thought of MS making the earth we have to keep patching updates for it LMAO

kharma453464d ago

Does the author not know who Polyphony are?

They're well renowned perfectionists, which I can't say is a bad thing to be honest, I'd rather they released a game when it was done properly than rush it out to make a profit and it's full of bugs.

They'll only release a game when it's properly finished and they're fully happy with it, is that such a bad work ethic?

Downtown boogey3464d ago

Building the game's 900 cars might take up some time.

thats_just_prime3464d ago

Thats a great way to work when you are an artist but yes that is a really bad work ethic to have

Helghast Slayer3464d ago

O just wait mate. When it gets here the fanbrats will die of jealousy.

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