The Future of the Grand Theft Auto Franchise

PlanetXbox writes: "The Grand Theft Auto franchise has certainly done wonders for gaming innovation over the last decade, but how long can you really live a life of crime? Sure, the cities, characters, and motivational storylines change with each passing iteration, but how different are GTA III and GTA IV in the overall aspects? For the series to really continue to be gaming's golden child it needs to evolve into something more. Here are a few ideas that might just make you want to pluck down your pre-order cash today. Every single GTA has featured a lowly thug figure climbing the criminal ladder. The games end when you arrive on the top, after wiping out your competition. It gives the game a reachable goal to drive the plot towards, but what if that was the starting point rather than the finish line?"

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Why dis3341d ago

Its called *APB* where the world is a living breathing place where the city is made up of other online gamers(with bots)

You do other tasks in a server based world and or fight other people in straight vs matches.

panasonic233340d ago

i can't wait for apb it look awesome

Mindboggle3340d ago

Quote from APB website :

"The game utilises cutting edge technology (Unreal Engine3™)"