Why the PS3 can't play PS2 games

Gamer.blorge writes:

Sony may have you believing that the company cut out PS2 backwards compatibility in order to save costs, but the real reason is actually more strategic than anything else. All PS3s will most likely be able to play PS2 games in the near future.

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TrevorPhillips3460d ago

because some ps3 systems aint compatible with the ps2 games

original seed3460d ago

I actually never played the previous MGS before 4. So now Im on the middle of two. Its kinda cool to see the story unfold Backwards.

Israfel3460d ago

Only some of us cheap fcuks and late comers don't have that privilege.


kharma453459d ago

People go on about how Sony will eventually release an emulator for the PS3 to play PS2 games, but I believe that to be a pile of crap, and here's why.

The US 60GB model had the Emotion Engine which gave almost perfect backwards compatabilty with PS2 games, but the EU 60GB (and South Korean 80GB) model didn't have this, but they still had one important piece of hardware, it still keeps the Graphics Synthesizer GPU from the PS2.

Due to emulation of the Emotion Engine, the level of compatibility was reduced to something like 70% of PS2 titles playing properly in the PS2. The 40 GB, 80 GB (2008 onwards) and 160 GB models do not have any backwards compatibility with PlayStation 2 games due to the removal of Graphics Synthesizer GPU, which stripped the units of all PlayStation 2 based hardware.

So, 60GB EU units and 80GB SK units do BC with that piece of hardware and some software, and can only manage backwards compatability for 70% of titles, if hypothetically it was to be software only emulation, what would be the percentage of games that run then?

gamerdude113459d ago

I'm not sure why Kharma got a disagree. Without the PS2 GPU it will be very difficult to have PS2 bc.

gaffyh3459d ago

@Kharma45 - PS3 has more than enough power to emulate the PS2, and PS2 can already be emulated on PC (without an emotion engine), PCSX2. Having the emotion engine just made it easier for Sony to emulate PS2, because they just had a PS2 in the PS3 basically.

PS2 could be emulated, but it would require Sony to spend a lot more time on it.

edit - btw I didn't disagree with you

FarEastOrient3459d ago

You make one SPE act as the Emotion Engine chip and another SPE act as the Graphics Synthesizer. One cell is always operating the PS3 OS, so that leaves four SPEs free along with the RSX being a channeler for the GPU.

Its just like how Windows can play Legacy games regardless of what hardware you installed in the machine. With every iteration of hardware improvement you just need to tweak how the code is being read.

This is how the current emulator works and it won't come out E32010 or when PS2 sells less than 500k per a quarter.

Sarick3459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

It's not impossible to emulate PS2 on a PS3 when there are PC emulators available that run on last gen PC's

Check the compatiblity list for just the first one. >

kharma453459d ago

I never said it'd be impossible, but the logic behind my post was that EU BC PS3's partially use software to emulate PS2 games, and it can do about 70% or so of them, and without the Graphics Synthesizer, I just feel that that number may drop more.

And yes whilst PC's can emulate some PS2 games, it's far from perfect.

Ju3459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

This works already (I assume these "40G plays PS2 games" isn't fake). The PS3 is fast enough to emulate the PS2 in SW (the cpu is already emulated in the latest 80GB models without the EE, btw, this includes the 128bit(!) MIPS core and the two VPUs, whats missing is the GS, which is a mem block mover, nothing else). The only limit on the GS emu is the memory bandwidth and latency, both which the PS3 exceeds with ease (5x the mem bandwidth, and latency is easily down by factor 2-3, for IRQ etc). So, there is no technical reason why the SW emu would not work.

However, I think, besides the marketing reason, and the "no pressure" argument (because the PS2 still sells well), I think it takes a long time to really make sure most of the games run on SW only emu. They will have to test every single game (or most of them), and tweak the emu accordingly. I just think they are not there, yet.

Kushan3459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

Kharma45, you're forgetting that the software which emulates the Emotion Engine can be upgraded. Sure, it may drop compatibility by 20% NOW, but that doesn't mean a future firmware update can't decrease this number. It didn't drop JUST because it's software, it dropped because the software wasn't entirely accurate, but still good enough that plenty of PS2 games worked.

PS2 emulation on the PS3 is more than possible, the biggest hurdle is emulating the GS from the PS2, partially because that's generally difficult to do anyway and partially because the GS was difficult to work with in the first place. But don't think for a second that it couldn't be done, the RSX has more than enough power to render any PS2 game at a 1080p resolution, it's just getting the information from the "Emotion Engine" to it that's the tricky part. Mark my words, it CAN be done (Isn't there a PS2 singstar game that works on all PS3's or something?), it will just take time and, as the article points out, Sony is likely waiting for the right moment to release it.

Maddens Raiders3459d ago

know that PS3's are capable of playing PS2 games. It's just a matter of when Sony will make this an official option. For now, the PS2 is just still too strong to kill. Can't believe I just said that. 8D

TapiocaMilkTea3459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

Article: "The main reason why Sony took BC out of the PS3 is because the PS2 is still selling well."

How does BC on a PS3 affect PS2 sales exactly?
I'm sorry, but it doesn't make sense to me.
So if Sony took out BC because they want more PS2 sales, they're saying people who were going to get the PS3 for playing PS2 games would not get the PS3 anymore but get a PS2, which is what Sony wants?
Why would they get a PS3 in the first place if they were only going to play PS2 games?
Even if that logic is true, it's hard to believe Sony would want profit from PS2 hardware sales over profit from potential future PS3 software and Bluray movies sales.

Another reason I can think of for the lack of BC is that Sony wants PS3 buyers to also purchase a separate PS2....really, that doesn't make any sense either. Like many of you who're complaining about BC right now, it's more likely to hurt their sales overall. Seriously, not many people would want to purchase two generations of playstation at the same time. Let alone that most PS3 buyers most likely have a PS2 already.

There must be hardware/software limitations, Sony can only benefit from BC on PS3.

The Mikester3459d ago

mhm......very nice article

Ryudo3459d ago

Its a moronic article the 40GB PS3 will never play PS2 games. It simply cannot its psychically impossible. It doesn't have some base PS2 hardware which all other consoles have. They would of never added PS2 hardware to the PS3's to begin with if they didn't have to. They had to add PS2 hardware to PS3's because the games are simply to hard to emulate.

Stop living in fantasy land the 40GB PS3 will never play PS2 games. Anyone that thinks otherwise simply hasn't looked at the facts. The 40GB PS3 has a different motherboard its smaller then the other PS3's. Its also lacking PS2 SUPPORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

andyo133459d ago

no hard drive
scratched discs


f7897903459d ago

Especially if that console has a cell processor in it.

ExcelKnight3458d ago

I think everyone's forgetting that Sony has complete control over emulator creation. They can just as easily use the RSX to aid whichever cores they dedicate to emulating the now-missing graphics processing unit the PS2 had.

While not impossible, it's sure as hell far harder and more costly to do.

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Lex Luthor3460d ago

Use the USBloader trick that was posted before, works like a charm.

drewdrakes3459d ago

Lol or just keep your PS2 as well. Whats the harm?

Sayai jin3459d ago

NO harm at keeping your PS2, but the PS3 was advertised repeatedly to be 100% compatible to PS2 games. Kind of a let down. I think they should not waist time trying to work this issue though. Many of us have moved on.

Mr_Zkaar3459d ago

My 60gig plays PS2 games no problem...

Sheddi3459d ago

Yepp, mine too.
*running towards it to hug it!*

Lombax3459d ago

Just finished Psi-Ops. Great game BTW. ;)

WeaseL3459d ago

My 240gb PS3 plays PS2 games.

(used to be a 60)

Are_The_MaDNess3459d ago

love my 500GB PS3
only thing i dont like about it is that it lags when im playing the old R&C lol

Fruit Loops3459d ago

60GB launch console and still going strong! it froze on me once tho when i was playing MGS4.

theEnemy3459d ago

20GB, 60GB and 80GB(Old and Shiny Model/MGS4 Bundle) can play PS2 games np.

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jjesso19933459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

can someone explain what the point in this usbloader is? from what i got it only works on 60gb ps3 with ee chip that can all play ps2 games anyway i would love to able to play ps2 games that i missed like god war on my 80gb ps3.

Skerj3459d ago

It's to play PS2 isos off of a USB stick.

Lombax3459d ago

You "missed" God of War?!?!? Where you in a COMA?

kingme713459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

Which 80GB are you talking about? The early 80GB that had PS2 software emulation (but not the emotion chip) can play GOW I and II. In fact coincidentally, I just finished GOWII last night on it.

Kain813459d ago

Sucker punch works on SLY game for Playstation 3 and PSP

Cajun Chicken3459d ago

Sometimes I feel like I missed out something by not playing the other titles. Perhaps I'll invest in them running up to this.

Marcelles253459d ago

are you sure they're not talking about INFAMOUS

Ju3459d ago

Don't hold your breath on this one. This story is from 2007...