What the EU might force Microsoft to do

The European Union is considering forcing Microsoft to distribute rival browsers as part of Windows, the software maker disclosed in a regulatory filing this week.
As part of its quarterly filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission filed on Thursday, the software maker offered more details on the EU's statement last week that it believes Microsoft's inclusion of a browser in Windows violates antitrust law.

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siyrobbo3403d ago

whats the big deal? its only a browser, which you can uninstall if you want to?

Primetimebt3403d ago

It a big deal because anyone who has firefox or anyother internet browser knows they can't uninstall Internet Explorer because it somehow built into windows. So not only is internet explorer sitting on my computer but it eating my storage space I could use for something else.

FarEastOrient3403d ago

Well you don't need to uninstall IE, just check the box to make Firefox the default browser and your done. The European Union makes things harder than they really are which doesn't make sense and waste money.

poopface13403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

not because I love IE but because computers already come with a bunch of useless crap on them. Anyone who knows better can download whatever they want, why put more crap on new pcs.

An internet browser is important, so of course microsoft is going to include their own with windows, if they didnt then alot of people would not know what to do. I consider a browser a pretty important part of any OS and I dont think that they should be able to dictate what microsoft includes in their product. Cause at the end of the day the consumer takes home their new PC and wonders why microsoft put all this useless crap on their pc.

if these people hate Ie so much why dont they buy a mac or use linux. Ohh because everyone likes to complain about the windows monopoly yet wont change from windows. So now they want microsoft to put the competitions software with their product.

and yeah, I use Firefox even though I have IE on my computer. IE has to be built in because a computer without a browser would be pretty much useless.

Silver3603403d ago

So should apple not include Safari also? An explorer is not just an internet program but also OS program that searches through and runs your files on your pc.

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karlostomy3403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

"forcing OEMs to include competing browsers"?
The EU Union needs to get a grip.

It is one thing to legislate against monopolistic practices in a capitalist economy.

It is entirely another thing to revert to socialism.

People already have a choice. If they are too stupid to realise, then kudos to the company that is smart enough to profit from it.

Haven't they read "Atlas shrugged"?

XxZxX3403d ago

yeah yeah just don't sell it in EU and see who last the longest.
I have a feeling MS can't take any hit now. LOL

militant073403d ago

if they cant put their browser in their own OS, where they can ??

and you need one to download Firefox, Chrome or Opera. ( I'm Talking like if the user isn't computer Pro to use DOS..)

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Tony P3403d ago

This is kinda dumb to me, but then again so is most of the world. This is like having to offer Whoppers at McDonald's. If the competitor is doing its job in advertising blah blah blah... then the consumer should know her options already.

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