Is the PS3 Ever Going to Live up to the Hype?

Everyone remembers 2005's E3 when Sony showed the PlayStation 3 on stage and said to the world this is the best thing you will ever experience in gaming.

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Marceles3438d ago

eh...seems like the media will stop that from happening with all of the recent anti-hype articles

Faggol3438d ago

Will ur site ever live up to the hype?

Faggol3438d ago (Edited 3438d ago )

sry, double post

andyo133438d ago

Everyone remembers 2005’s E3 when Sony showed the PlayStation 3 on stage and said to the world this is the best thing you will ever experience in gaming. Now jump to 2009 and all we got was broken promises,lots of wishes and the majority of us hoping for updates like in-game invites and video messaging. It’s been three years and we as gamers have got little or nothing for being loyal to the Sony brand. Now don’t get me wrong Microsoft isn’t any better and Nintendo and hardcore just don’t mix, but we expect more from the company that gave us games we all know and love like Jak & Daxter, Crash Bandicoot and a bunch of others. Sony reminds me of one Loony Tunes cartoons where they show the us what we want to see and then pull it back real quick and say na na na na . Like the in-game XMB, we were suppose to have that when it was released and it was nowhere it be found for two years. The problem with Sony is Sony itself, everything has it go through Japan, but how do people in Japan know what people in the U.S or Europe want. Sony, please start listening to the fans now that’s what Microsoft is good at but, sometimes you can listen but not hear and I think that’s what Sony is doing right now. If you advertise they will come but if they don’t know, they can’t come.

MasFlowKiller3438d ago (Edited 3438d ago )

Oh No....... Having the highest rated games of 08 plus the most anticipated games of 09 is not enough.

isn't the gaming media the media that follows the Video Game Industry, u know the Industry of Video Games.

Does no one no longer care about playing the best videos game?

andyo133438d ago

was the only company to give false promises. microsoft said every single game would run at 60 fps well what bullshit, even their top game halo 3 didn't run at 720 p or 60 fps.

Venomish3438d ago

I totally agree. it seems it is no longer about the best games out there. no longer about the best tech. no longer about quality.
so what is it about now??
price and quantity i guess

MasFlowKiller3438d ago (Edited 3438d ago )

OK in the spirit of this article let me mention some of the thing sony has done right.

Sony provided High quality tittle quicker AKA(Uncharted 1, Best Looking console game up until Gears 2)

Best line up of 08, just go to metacritic and check, that is if your good with numbers.

Evolving Online, Sony has more Online centric games: Warhawk, Socom, Little Big Planet and some really big one coming this years; Fat Princess, DC Universe Online, Free Realm, The Agency.

Plus Resistance 2 60MP lag free.

Home. Did anyone else see The EA space in home. do i have to say anything else.

Plus Resistance 2 60MP lag free.

PSN is free.

Plus Resistance 2 60MP lag free.

you don't need any type of paid subscription to download movies from the video store.

Plus Resistance 2 60MP lag free.

i mean right now sony is doing more rights the wrong.

with one smart price cut even the fanboys will have to stop crying( gametrailers, Kotaku, GameRaidar, IGN USA, gamesonsmash)

MazzingerZ3438d ago (Edited 3438d ago )

if all this is true then I wonder why the X360 is not touted anymore as the console for the "hardcore" games...what happens to the slogan "best games line-up" graphics on X360...why is not number of AAA exclusives nor metacritic used anymore when comparing the consoles?...

now it's only about sales (PS3 is selling better than the X360 anyway during it's first 2 years despite of the the cheaper console being sold for 399)... and of course, now it's about PS3 against itself LOL

Chris_GTR13438d ago (Edited 3438d ago )

its just sad that you guys even take these ps3 is doomed articles serious enough to even post a comment.just dont click through people. and it wont get 700 rating or w/e. when ever i see a ' is it the end for ps3?!' i just dont even click it cause i know its going to be a bunch of biitching in the comments. the people that post these shure know how to get most of our attention but just fight it by ignoring it completely. ps3 isnt doomed and you shouldnt even bother cliking the description either.

@below, wtf are you talking about? thats what? a 5 sentence responce? so cause i make a quick comment somehow im taking this seriously? im not the one thats posting a whole page of text like the guy i responded to. ahh w/e just stfu i dont even care what you say.

MasFlowKiller3438d ago

"your taking this post WAAYY too seriously first of all. stop being a fanboy. cause only a fanboy would type that much over a pointless 'ps3 is doomed' article #843
you dont actually believe them do you? they said the same thing about the ps2 having a 10 year life cycle also. ps3 came out 2 years ago... so in reality the ps4 will be out in 3-4 more years. who the hell would care about the ps3 anyways when the ps4 will be out. :D"


cryymoar3438d ago

and since the PS3 actually got great and better games than the xb360, it's only been about sales.

Maddens Raiders3438d ago

the PS3 is the (((Hype)). The PS3 is what's now, what's next. That's why you and no one else can't stop talking / thinking about it. Get a grip.

jammy_703438d ago

its the games for it

an 09 looks promising

callahan093438d ago

Complaining about no in-game XMB? Give me a break, we've had that for over half a year now! These critics need to stop living in the past.

Lifendz3438d ago

I've owned a PS3 since March of 2007 and I went through a gaming drought on the system that was supposed to be murder. I played Resistance everyday and got Fight Night going but for the most part there wasn't a whole lot out there. Then came Uncharted. Then MGS4. Then LBP. Then the multi-plats got even better in some instances than the 360. I don't get why people still are so down on the system.

I've played 360. I've played Wii. Good systems but nothing that makes me flat out mad I got a PS3. If anything, my time with 360 has reaffirmed my pleasure with PS3. My roommate's 360 has died 3 times and his fourth is dying as we speak. If anything, he actually wishes he had waited and got a PS3.

These articles all fail big time. It's not Sony's fault MS is giving you nothing but a Halo RTS in 09. It's not Sony's fault that MS charges you to use a peer to peer service. It's enough with this crap already.

Maxned3438d ago

MasFlowKiller while I do respect and agree to some of your comments, you didnt have to say "Resistance 2 60MP lag free" so many times to make it look like you had more to say..

jadenkorri3437d ago

its the fanboys and dumba$$ articles giving false information that's bringing down the ps3...if reporters just did their job properly, im sure the ps3 would even be a bigger hit, but every article is the ps3 is failing etc, etc, etc...

pain777pas3437d ago (Edited 3437d ago )

Is this real all of these articles? I'm am perplexed by this constant Sony bashing. They were #1 now Nintendo is, so what. If this is still a M$ propaganda sort of thing get off it in every way Nintendo is #1 on the planet now start speaking the truth 360 has already lost now its a matter of time before they end up dead last they are not in demand by any stretch and price keeps them in the game. the Hardware is unreliable and the games are pretty good but not good enough for me to support them any more. I have a 360 and I'm content with my PS3 as my main console. M$ sites just face the facts M$'s days are over Nintendo crushed them from a year headstart and once the PS3 price drops call it quits with gaming please your a nuisance not a solution or forward thinking by any stretch. All they do is copy from online from Sega Dreamcast to lips and wireless controllers. They've done nothing but waste money with their worthless hardware rushing to be first and pay for it.

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Raoh3438d ago

wait a minute

how is it that gamesonsmash is approving a gamesonsmash article? isnt that ... you know wrong?

InMyOpinion3438d ago

I've reported JPinter from PSU for doing the same thing. I think Hiphopgamer does it as well. Not that anyone seems to care but I agree with you that it's not according to the rules.

karlostomy3437d ago

Silogon does it too.

sad isn't it?

any monkey can write a blog/website and post it to n4g to get hits.

Tempist3437d ago

Anyone else catch that he said in game XMB didn't exist?

Has this gentleman even turned his PS3 on since he got it back in 2006?

Eiffel3438d ago

Easy to say

Harder to do.

NegativeCreep4273438d ago (Edited 3438d ago )

You just love to waste your time by trolling PS3-related articles don't you?

Killzone 2 is one of the prime examples in how the PS3 is and will continue to in the future live up to the hype that has surrounded the systems capabilities.

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3438d ago

Well the xBox 360 hasn't!!! ;-D
People hyped the xBox 360, and it's boring, i can get 99% of the games on it on my P.C(And guess what, i don't want any of them anyway!!!)

I'm loving the PS3!!! ;-P It seems to get better and better;)

dukadork23438d ago

and just as killzone 2 is about to take over the planet, i checked out some yakuza 3 footage and it was immediately obvious that we have yet another huge PS3 exclusive hit on our hands.


face it doubters: we have an avalanche of amazing games coming out on PS3
the only hype that's falling apart is the anti PS3 hype

sak5003438d ago


Your highschool picture is nice although u might want to remove loser from ur forehead.

Anway, it will in your wet dreams

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Aclay3438d ago (Edited 3438d ago )

When you consider that Killzone 2, a game that will be coming out just a little over 2 years after the PS3 was released has pushed the boundaries of this generation of gaming like never before, I truly believe that the quote from Sony: "this is the best thing you will ever experience in gaming" is actually coming true, it just took a while for it to happen.

I mean, when you've got websites comparing KZ2 to Crysis, then you know that the PS3 is going to be something REALLY special with time and it's going to deliver games of such high caliber that the competition will have a difficult time matching or even coming close to it.

Everything doesn't come instantly, and some things just takes a little patience. The PS3 had a slow/rocky start, but since then Sony's got back on track, given us plenty of good games, and has even better games and updates on the way.... and Great things always come with patience ;)