Why is XBL Live Better Than PSN?

HyDRo1X from writes

Hate me for this one again like you did for my other article, if you don't want to face the facts now, don't even read this article! For another load of truth is about to be unveiled!

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Rofflecopter3491d ago

fanboys are gonna turn this page into a war zone.. remember guys, open zone is just a click away..

original seed3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

Turn into the next Sony Defense Force. It looks like with articles like this its really on its way.

Pandemic3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

Lets have a poll shall we!

Agree with the statement that Playstation Network is better than Xbox Live.

Disagree with the statement that Playstation Network is better than Xbox Live.

3491d ago
original seed3491d ago

There are far too many Sony Fanboys on NG4

Ace_Shooter3491d ago

PSN is certainly no slouch and its free so...tough decision.

Blademask3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

Fanboy1: Is TOO!
Fanboy2: IS NOT!

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will113491d ago

PSN is better. Press Agree

Parapraxis3491d ago

orignalseed...FYI Sony Defense Force is a parody site run by XBOX enthusiasts. The term as well was started by them.

The gaming GOD3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

Why didn't you whine about that in 2007?

Why didn't you whine about that during those few weeks when the 360 outsold the ps3 in japan and every MS fan was out in force. Even going as far as posting articles with the same news about it over and over again.

See if there were as many "sony fanboys" on n4g as some of you claim. Those stories would have NEVER passed and would have been deleted.

Just think about that when you make those claims next time

As for this article, I love when a writer THINKS he and/or she has the "facts"

original seed3491d ago

That's what i read. Im just saying that i hope it dont start putting up pathetic articles up like SDF. That's all

Why dis3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

Only fans of the PS3 think PSN is better the industry and fans of both consoles think XBL is better in some cases by far. Don't forget about XBL's windows media center capabilities(share PC media with others on XBL). XBL is going to blow PSN out of the water with upcoming updates.

#4 and #4.2 have listed some other things about XBL.

MasFlowKiller3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

If anything the only thing Live has over PSN is more communication features, hell the minute the ps3 got a MP game that can handle 60 players lag free(Resistance 2) you know PSN took a big step.

Plus Sony is making alot more Online Heavy games: Warhawk, Fat Princess, Socom Confrontation, Little Big Planet. I think Live is losing alot of steam, i dont see live been a pay subscription by next year if PSN keep taking such big steps

andyo133491d ago

im surprised of the number of people voting for xbox live. should i weigh the differences between the two (i have limited knowledge of what xbox live has over psn so dont disagree if i miss anything)

+60 player multiplayer

-not many have headsets
-no cross game chat

xbox live:
+cross game chat
+every game gets a demo (aparently)

-too many bad mouth children on xbox live.
-$60 yearly fee (over 3-4+ years of gaming you will do thats $180-$240+)
-unreliable servers (remembering back to last year when halo 3 came out) which i might add microsoft still charged people over the 2 weeks even if they were paying the monthly plan.

im unaware of any other features xbox live has that psn doesnt have. i just don't see how people can justify xbox live is better after weighing the good and bad things of each.

MasFlowKiller3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

Since the day i got my PS3(Nov 17, 2006) there was only one day i had lag and that was the day Little Big Planet launch, but after that no lag for me.

Why dis3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

You have to pay to get some news and some demos/content.

You don't have a universal profile taking server space do you?

No need to post features of XBL or PSN, the basics are lacking on PSN that is enough.

You guys keep saying free, I can get AOL free but I'd rather have Comcast.

To me comparing XBL to PSN is like comparing Kodu and LBP lol.

XBL's support blows PSN's out of the water. PSN has LBP and XB: has XNA/community games.

MasFlowKiller3491d ago

The basic idea of Live is to provide superior online gaming, putting aside communication features live is not that far ahead, i mean resistance 2 has 60MP lag free, Warhawk has 32 player flying, driving shooting lag free. Plus PSN has more Online Only games then live.

communication features can always come in later updates but the simple fact that the the psn is getting more tittle to play online is really making live seem like it should be free

robert02673491d ago

psn is the best for me because its free and I like playing games online and cant pay 50$ a year I am a poor gamer.

Prototype3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

Is $50 a year worth hearing 12 year olds cursing when mommy and daddy isn't around?

I tried live, and didn't feel justified spending money on something that lets you cross chat with someone I can call on my cell phone.

Sorry but I'd rather have something that's:

A - Free
B - Has far less drama/kids online
C - Is a working progress
D - Has a service to meet other gamers outside playing a game (home)
E - Doesn't nickel and dime you with a point system (Dollar amount is far easier to keep track) Before fanboys go on this one let me remind you I took college calculus so yes I do know how to count
F - Has downloadable games that are good and worth playing (not just a big number of games only to get a whole 5 good ones)
G - Has a FREE web browser

JD_Shadow3491d ago

Sorry, but I'm going to have to put you on ignore. You're trolling and delusion is just astounding and without limits. You like XBL better. Fine, that's your prerogative, there are things that XBL does better, and some things PSN does better. But you just trolling with the most ridiculous of claims to back up your decisions just shows you how far off THIS planet you really are.

PLEASE inform me when you return to THIS planet.

Max Power3491d ago

is the fact that last night my bro and i put a tv and our ps3 in a room with not tv, but we had internet, so we put on and music for our party through surround sound. and guess what that was for free. (minus the cost of internet and electricity)

Snow3491d ago

Didn't you get the memo? :P

Why dis is actually Power of green's new account.
He's one of the more delusional fanboys i've ever seen troll.

Consoldtobots3491d ago

well if Im any indication of the online gaming trends, I have been playing Socom,Resistance 2,BF:BC on PS3 a for a few months now. I have some friends who have been gaming online with Halo3 and wanted me to join in. Having both a 360 and the game I said no problem, so I went back to playing Halo3 online. That lasted all of 20 minutes when I realized just how much more the PS3 titles provide in terms of immersion and graphical quality. Yes Halo3 really does look that bad. I don't see a long future ahead for the 360.

jadenkorri3491d ago

PSN is better for me, the feature i use are there, the extra ones that i would like to have are not yet there. Live you pay for those features which is fine, but 50 dollars a year can go towards something else...and personally i do not like having some kid be yelling in my ear talking about how he owns my momma over xbox live, or referencing the color of my skin.. PSN, i have never had someone due it yet and when i play COD4MW, im always in top 3...

s droid3491d ago

with your name and post history, can you really be taken seriously??? besides just reading your lst sentence just makes you look stupid.

and to the people that have asked others to click agree and there's far to many in the sony camp on here for things like that.

GameGambits3491d ago

I own both a PS3 and 360.

The only things that PS3 is lacking for PSN is:

1)Private chats during games when you play.
2) A party chat feature to talk to more friends at once while playing.
3) A bigger selection of themes and gamerpictures would be appreciated
4) If Sony would take the load off the developers to have to make their own features to invite people into games. Sony needs to just make it easier for people to group up on whatever MP game they want to play with friends.

The rest of PSN completely dominates the 360 in style and effectiveness, but really the 4 things I mentioned are so important in online communication/enjoyment, that it outweighs the goods.

Raptors3491d ago

I own both systems and can say that XBL is still the better service. Is it miles better? no. PSN is a good service, especially for it being free. And Im sorry, hiphopgamer is a certified sony fanboy. Like him or hate him, how you can deny he's not is beyond me...

pain777pas3491d ago

PSN is free. QFT please!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

player9113490d ago

Xbox Live is free. Only the GOLD membership requires a subscription. A 13 (12+1) Month Gold Subscription is only $30. How can you complain about that?

I play online all the time and never have any lag. It's peer to peer which is the best. That way thousands of people aren't sharing the same server lag; which results in lag.

Plus I like how people say Voice communication is a minus for Xbox Live. Voice Communication is what makes Live awesome. Just about everyone uses their mics and that is a very good thing. Sure some people run their mouths... but that just makes Victory all that sweeter.

FrankenLife3490d ago

I have both consoles. I have had xbox live. After trying live I refuse to pay for it. Yes live does have more features. Cross game chat is very nice. Some games I will not be bothered during, like Valkyria Chronicles and Dead Space. I wouldn't use the party migrate option too much though. My PSN friends tend to play a wide variety of games. There are certain games that we all have, but because of the variety, we aren't going to have all the same games.

Connection wise they are fairly similar. I might even say that PS3 edges live out on an average. Because each game runs on a seperate server set up by the games publisher/developer, each game has different connection. Live games are pretty equal, because everything runs over Live.

One of the things that keeps from paying for Live has nothing to do with features. The way Microsoft runs Live has made me an unhappy consumer. Before you can buy anything on Live you have to buy MS currency. This currency is intentionally not a 1:1 equal with dollar value, in an attempt to mislead the consumer. Yes I can do the math, but when a company blatantly trys to mislead me I get unhappy. Also the fact that you are forced to buy these points in predetermined packages, so you have to buy more than you need. If you buy a lot of things then that isn't so much of an issue. What I really don't like is the removal of choice. It works out great for MS. Most people that buy things off Live have at least a few hundred points just sitting there. If these points don't get spent then it is free money for MS. Demos on Live bug me as well. If you have a Silver account then you are denied access to demos for the first couple weeks they are out. Multiplat games that release a demo on both consoles, I can download the demo the same time that gold users can off the PSN. Yes Qore has their demos, but that is only one a month. To me this comes across as punishment for not paying for a gold account. When a company treats me the way MS does, I don't want to give them money.

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original seed3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

Only people who really play on both know the difference.

OOG3491d ago

so true I play both and I hate the difference.... pisses me off

original seed3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

Its the little sh!t that annoys me. I only play my PS3 with one of my friends and the 360 with the rest.

edit- Im also glad i dont pay for PSN also

Lord Vader3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

PSN's strongest suit is it's free.

XBL is easily better because people own mics, 8way private chat + partys, a ton more free demos vs. PSN, & more content. XBL is much more social & MP based. Like original seed above, I have about 3 friends with PS3's... & everyone else is on xbl.

But again, PSN is nice because it's free.

LeonSKennedy4Life3491d ago

The PSN feels a lot more open, man. The setup of the XMB alone makes it feel more connected to the world.

We have 8-way private chat.

Yipee Bog3491d ago

putting a headset in the hands of every 14 year old kid with a console is a great thing. /sarcasm
Seriously, I've been called so many different things on xbox live just because those kids sucked at games. Maybe headsets for everyone is just a bad idea.

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TheHater3491d ago

yes you can use a lag switch, not machine, on the PSN. Hell you see it all the time on Call of Duty. Even games like Resistance 2 you will notice who is using a lag switch because he/she will be the only one lagging.

Yipee Bog3491d ago

I'm not sure if its the game or what but, you can definitely see those "teleporters" in a game.

lord_of_balrogs3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

His points:
1. PlayStation HOME
2. Downloadable retro PlayStation content
4. Introduced downloadable multitasking/background downloading.
5. Integrated web browser

1. Cross-game invites.
2. Cross-game chat.
3. Exclusive DLC not available on other platforms. (GTA4, Fallout3)etc
4. Earlier demo releases on some multiplatform games. (RE5)etc
5. Downloadable original Xbox games. (Halo, Fable, Jade Empire)
6. Multitasking/background downloading.
7. Netflix.
8. Community Games.
9. Music, and in-game music.

chrisnick3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

Netflix?.....yeah...i wanna come to your house and watch the movie u BOUGHT from netflix.

DLC?....well....due to paying for live...u paid for u could pay for it again....ur a smart one.


dl xbox games....yeah if u have a

earlier if i wanna pay for a demo i can go to gamestop


in game music.....depends on the game...u can have that one.

community games...some....psn has much better quality titles.....wipeout is a beast.

by the way.....ur "community" is full of 12 year olds and cursing idiots....oh not to mention SOULJA BOY.......yeah...ur is better.

original seed3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

1. Everyone has a headset as it comes with the 360
-This helps a lot with communication in squad based games
2. You can do cross game invites
3. You can do cross games chats
4. You can Party up and take the same party between games
5. You can join a party of friends who happen to be playing Gears and you’re playing COD4 and chat with all of them while not being in the same game.
6.. XNa games (community games NOT XBL Arcade)
7.. Indie shows (like The Guild for example) Free
8. Indie movies (short films, Cans festivals)

These are the ones i enjoy not the name the rest. I've also been using Netflix a lot lately.

duplissi3491d ago

first of all the exclusive dlc has nothing to do with xbox live, its the xbox itself, and second cross game invites? sure it would be nice but were not retards here, a message saying "hey join me in {insert game name}" does the trick rather nicely- wow that was hard! oh and in game music is on the ps3 its just not mandatory and frankly i havent missed it for most games i prefer the in game stuff cause it moves the story far better. backgound downloading? in my ps3 i can que up up to 15(i think its 15 anyway) different files and have them download on their own! imagine that!

but you are right about cross game chat and original xbox games (or ps2 games for the ps3)

OOG3491d ago

you can que up way more then 15 files to download on xbox live now... so that point doesnt really work

pippoppow3491d ago

Love how MS touts the benefits of netflix yet downplay blu-ray. Which is actually the best representation of the full movie experience? Yes, Blu-Ray. Besides there are ways to see all kinds of videos through the PS3's Web Browser. Also I'd rather have an open architecture to allow for user created mods which PSN has. Currently services are close but free tips the scales in PS3's favor. Of course, as with everything else it comes down to preference but regardless Live being close to PSN in form and function should also be free especially at this point.

duplissi3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

yeah but how often are you going to que up more than 5 files? being an avid gamer i know whats on every week and dl it as soon as its available. the last time i maxed it out was when i found a website that let me dl free divx movies, but thats really a pro cause you cant surf the net and dl stuff off the net on the xbox now can you?

now i wasnt saying psn is better than xbl i was just correcting some points

BulletToothtony3491d ago

but i hear all the this all the time and i don't think it's a fair point.

Cross game chats: When i'm playing online i DO NOT wanna be bothered... i do not respond to messages sent and i would not respond to chats.

Cross game invites: If i'm playing a game i DO NOT wanna go and play another one.. and if it's a friend that i really enjoy playing with he can always send me a "Message" with title "come join me in _____"

In game music: Yes i do want this and i want it really bad.. the few games that have in game music i love it and i wish all games in ps3 had the option.

But for that i'm not willing to pay $50 EACH year.. not worth it..

Just my opinion.. if you don't agree with it.. hey let me know why.. i'm not angry.. I know that if you had the 360 first (or only console) and all your friends are there OF COURSE you wouldn't want to change even if it's free... you have more fun with live.. but that doesn't make psn bad at all.... it's great.. with dedicated servers and no ads.. in an honest unbiased world.. well you can't beat that.

TheBlackSmoke3491d ago

Most of your pro xbox live reasons consists mainly of stuff that you dont need live gold for. Points 3,4,5,6,8 and 9 are possible with a silver account or are simply just a feature of the 360. Plus many of those mentioned have their own iterations on the ps3.

So your essentially paying $50 per year for cross game/invites and chat, and when sony inevitably introduces those features, then whats so much greater about live?.

Before you say anything about netflix, you need to be a netflix subscriber to recieve the service, it does not come with live as a package. Besides with PS3 browser(which has full screen flash support)the user can go to thousands of streaming sites for free ( says hi). In hindsight its kind of obvious which service is better value for money.

MasFlowKiller3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

to use Netflix u need both gold and a paid Netflix subscription, and know the PSN video Store doesnt have as many tittle as Netflix but u dont need any type of paid subscription to use it, and any movie u do buy u can be take on the go with you PSP if you have one.

Plus Resistance 2 has 60MP lag Free, that pretty damn impressive

original seed3491d ago

Thats great. But did you know that XBL also has its own Movie Download service that has nothing to do with Netflix. It currently has more titles than PSn has and you dont need a GOLD membership to use it either.

As for the PSP, thats a good addition. I dont really have much use for that but its great for those who do.

jessupj3491d ago

Although I have not experienced xbl first hand, the features 360 fans are touting don't appeal to me much. Partying and cross game invites and chats would be nice, but they are definitely not a service defying feature. Furthermore these features might make xbl slighty better but to say it's superiour to psn is exaggerating.

I think the single biggest feature of the 2 services is the fact that psn is free. $60 a year might not be much but it definitely isn't worth the few small extra features fanboys like to yell.

xwabbit3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

ROFL!!!!!!! (now this part is for the Original post) ok... u get original xbox titles.... you think PSN don't have PS titles for DL ? .... it even have's PS3 titles for download. Does XBL have 360 titles for dl ? Nop

@ original seed
PS users don't even need to rent movies :/. They had web browsers and can watch any movie they want online. They can dl the movies or just stream them.

If u have a PSP and a PS3 with a Cam you can be anywhere in the world and if u have a PSP with wifi u can turn ur camera of the PS3 and see ur house or w/e way the cam is looking at.

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Bubble Buddy3491d ago

All I want from PSN left is In-game music and cross game chat. Maybe a nicer party invite system. Afetr that, it will be the same for XBL in my opinion.