10 out of 10: What were we thinking?

When a perfect score goes bad.

Video games reviews that conclude with a perfect score always draw the ire of gamers convinced that reviewers are accepting bushels of cash from greedy publishers. Gamedaily, however, have a different theory: Gamedaily's perfect scores are oftentimes bizarre. Whether it's writers stumbling over their words or just using flowery language, the following games don't deserve such lofty praise.

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Helghast Slayer3339d ago

A game that has no substance or lacks the calibre is able to get 10/10 and killzone2 the most polished, intense and story driven game with a online component that destroys it's competition manages to get a 9/10. That is absolutely atrocious.

The gaming media all of a sudden feels the need to be more harsh when it comes to killzone2 but they manage to give mideocre titles 10/10. The system is flawed and anybody that takes reviewers seriously is a complete sheep. I will never ever let someone's opinion on a game influence me in anyway or form.

I say play the damn game yourself and be your own judge. If you're not intellectually able to project your own a opinion on a video game then all i can say is EPIC FAIL on your part. It truelly sucks to be a sheep.

Faggol3339d ago

i thought i was the only that saw that. I only refer to review sites to see others ppl opinions on titles. I rread reviews for bad games, good games, great games and atrocious games. idk about anyone else but im able to tell a game i genuinely like from an article, preview or trailer. Most games i love tend to score in the 9 range before i even read the reviews but yet the games i seem to love more than any other score slightly less.

Those games are: Crackdown (IGN: 8.0), MVC2 (for ps2, IGN: 8.4 i think), Uncharted (IGN: 9.1), LOK: Soul Reaver (IGN: 9.1)

im not entirely sure if those scores are 100% accurate but this is just a testament to show how our favorite games are HARDLY EVER dictated by its review score. KZ2 will suffer the same fate and for some strange reason its goin to make me love the game even more. So, review on editors, review on.

-GametimeUK-3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

"A game that has no substance or lacks the calibre is able to get 10/10 and killzone2 the most polished, intense and story driven game with a online component that destroys it's competition manages to get a 9/10. That is absolutely atrocious."

Ever thought that Killzone2 just may not deserve perfet scores? Its kind of simple really... The gameplay just may not be up to other 10/10 games standards...

And you talk about playing the game and being your own judge... yet you are basically calling Killzone a 10/10 game without actually playing the campaign yourself...

You sir are are full of fail!

Cheeseknight283338d ago

Best story-driven game ever? You haven't even played the game yet bro.

How can you bash a reviewer for docking points when you yourself haven't even seen it? Sure you may have played the beta, but the campaign is not in the beta.

Maddens Raiders3338d ago

who can forget Super Mario Galaxy & HL2 both received 11/10's from certain "objective" review sites (google it). That just cemented my belief in how fickle, biased, and overtly subjective game sites are.

Solution: Just buy the damn game and review it yourself.

LeonSKennedy4Life3338d ago

But the thing is...KZ2 won't get treated the same way as Halo 3 or Gears of War 2 were. It will be met with hostility and will have to PROVE to the reviewers that it's worthy of a 10. All Halo 3 had to do was plant itself on the side of a Mt. Dew bottle...

gamesmaster3338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

the emphasis of a review is never and should never be the score, its the comments and impressions given, from the context of the writing.

nowadays people hardly even read the review they just look at the score and take it for granted.

i myself will read a review and base my own initial expectations off of that expressed by the reviewer in his impressions.

KZ2 may well deserve a 9.5 - 10.0 but that's not important. I want to see reviewers do this game justice in the body of their reviews. the only time when this game will truly be a 10 is when i play and enjoy to that level in which i perceive it to be, i'm sure i will as well.

i am very very excited for this game.

Danja3338d ago

I agree , I cans I expect a few reviewers to be very hostile when it comes to reviewing KZ2....

but I really dont think reviews will hurt the game this time around..because ne one wwo really decides to give a an unjustified score will probably be met with huge criticism , but im sure there will be one idiot who just feels the need to do that

SRU96003338d ago

Call of Duty 4, Bioshock and Mass Effect are 10's. Period.

These "journalists" need to stop writing these "What were we thinking?!" articles.
It's played out, and more often than not, just comes across as an attempt to generate controversy/hits.

RememberThe3573338d ago

A 10 out of 10 is perfect. Meaning no flaws. Every game has flaws. Meaning no game is a 10 out of 10.

SRU96003338d ago

No, many of us understand that a "10" does not mean that the game is flawless, it simply means that the game is the cream of the current crop.

BrianC62343338d ago

I don't even care about reviews anymore. Reviews are someone else's opinion. If I want opinions on how good a game is I'll check around on the Internet and see what real gamers say. As for Killzone 2 I already paid for my copy in full and will get it no matter what some reviewer says.

Sean Ryno3338d ago

Contrary to common sense several review sites and magazines have explained that the scale is actually out of 11. 11 being the "unicorn" (absolutely perfect game). That not being possible, some games have the potential to score a 10. 10 being a game that meets all expectations, when the expectations are high.

And yes, COD4, Bioshock, and Mass Effect are definitely 10s.

BrianC62343338d ago

"who can forget Super Mario Galaxy & HL2 both received 11/10's from certain "objective" review sites (google it)."

When Mario Galaxy got an 11 I couldn't believe it. I gave up on reviews before that though. And why did two idiots give you disagrees? Were they the people who gave those games 11's?

Kushan3338d ago

The REAL problem is the entire way sites rate games. A good game has to be an 8 or a 9, a great game has to be a 10. There's no leeway in this, but in reality a "good" game should only maybe be a 6 or 7 and a "great" game an 8 or a 9. Those once-in-a-blue-moon outstanding games deserve a 10 but to be honest, we've really not had one of those for quite a few years.
But unfortunately, as long as gamers cry foul when their favourite game in the world only scores an 8 or a 9 (ala the poster here), review scores will be grossly inflated.

ultimolu3338d ago

Well said.
I agree with your points.

Lord Vader3338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

LMAO @ the "sheep" that have not played KZ2, yet are prepared to give it a GOTY award.......

"Killzone2 (is) the most polished, intense and story driven game with a online component that destroys it's competition..."

LOL !!!

We'll see soon !!!


shovelbum3338d ago

No game is worthy of a 10. Any reviewer who issues such scores should be forced to spend the day on the Judas Cradle.

cactuschef3338d ago

I'd rather play a game that actually deserves a 9 instead of a game that wrongfully got a 10.

Too many places handout perfect 10s to any game they like, like gamedaily for instance.

Neoraf3338d ago

Mass Effect is definitively a 10.

The whole experience is awesome.

godofthunder103338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

There isn't 1 game that deserve a perfect score.Every game has at least 1 flaw and that goes for kz2.By the way the game isn't even out yet so how can yall say it's a 10 out of 10.people that's saying this are just ps3 fanboys.How many games that we seen before it came out and it looks like a good game.When we get the game it's a disappointment.I'm not saying that KZ 2 wont be a good game because it look like it will.The fact is that it's not a 10 out of 10.Every game has a least 1 thing that's wrong with it.I like to know who buys a game by rateings,the fact is that no one does.A person by a game they like not what someone tells them to like.I've seen games with a 9 or 10 out of 10 that i was disappointed in then i've seen games that had a 5 or 6 out of 10 that was a lot better.I'm talking about the 360 and ps3.I don't wont a childish fanboy to cry and say that my ps3 or 360 is the only system that have a game that's 10 out of 10,the ones that says it are full of sh*t.

I'm also tired of hearing ps3 fanboys cry like a bunch of kids saying they hope that they wont review nintendo and ps3 games anymore.They act as if microsoft owns every television station,every website,every magazine,every newspaper,hell they act like microsoft owns the whole damn world and that is why the ps3 is in the shape it's in now.The reason that sony is 3rd place is because of sony.They were more worried about winning the format war instead of the ps3.They forced people to buy a Br player because they knew that the ps3 would sell and they will have br players in homes.The ps3 been out going on 3 years and they only had 1 game that needed a br disc.The reason that MGS needed a br disc is because you watch almost 3 hrs of cutscens and you watched more then you play.Till this day games still doesn't need a br disc.Just look at the facts.They have about 300 games out and they have 1 for sure and maybe 2 more at the most that wouldn't work on the dvd-9 disc.If microsoft would have came out with br for the 360 ps3 fanboys would say the same thing i'm saying and 360 fanboys would be saying what ps3 fanboys are saying.

The fact is that ps3 fanboys would say that halo and gow are great games if they were on the ps3 and say mgs and r1 and 2 suxed if they were on the 360 and vice versa with 360 fanboys.I've read an article a ps3 fanboy wrote when oblivian first came out.He said that it suxed and one of the worse games he played.When it was ported over to the ps3 he said it was a great games and recomend people to buy it.H8ll i have a 360 and i'm not afraid to say that i wish that R 1$2 and killzone was on the 360 because i would buy them because they are good games and i'm not afraid to admitt it like fanboys are.

Instead of being just game fans like ps3 and 360 fans are.fanboys act like kids and just make an a** out of them selfs crying over a video game system(a toy)saying my system and games are better then yours.I like to play games but the fact is i'm not going to make an a** out of myself like fanboys do.Instead of giveing credit where credit is due they wont say the truth about the other system if it's positive news,they would lie first.Just like ps3 fanboys (not fans)They claim that sony makes all their own games and microsoft have to steal exclusives from sony.Like i said before when sony first came out they stole a lot of nintendos exclusive like MGS and that is sony big seller and other big sellers from sony was nintendo exclusives before sony stole them.I'm not saying that microsoft don't because they do copy games.You could say that sony copied every shooter,role playing game,action,rts and any other game you could think of because it resembles another game.Ps3 fanboys need to stop acting like sony never does anything wrong.Sony buys exclusives,they don't buy them like microsoft does.Sony pays in other stole exclusives from nintendo,.The fact is that sony isn't any damn better then microsoft.Sony would never made it as big as they did if they acted like christians like ps3 fanboys claim.

Ps3 fanboys are always saying microsoft is screwing the people with a 360 because they gave a 3 year warrinty instead of a new system.Sony only gave a 2 month warrinty on the ps2 because of the defected drive in it.I had to buy 4 within 5 years.When the 1st one i had went out i called sony and they told me the warrinty was up and i have to pay $100 to have it fixed and it was on 5 months old.Every one i knew had to buy atleast 2.I'll admitt that sony fixed the problem and they made the ps3 the most dependable console ever made.I had 2 360s from launch and i only had problem with 1 of them and microsoft fixed it and it was almost 2 years old.I know microsoft does things that's not right but so does sony.Sony is a company it is not god.

The fact is that the ps3 and 360 are great systems.They both stole exclusive and paid for exclusive and that's a fact,i don't care what anyone says.

I'm also tired of hearing ps3 fanboys saying that microsoft can't do anything on their own they have to copy sony.The fact is that sony copied a lot of things from microsoft.They coppied

1-useing a hardrive instead of a memory card
2-useing the net to download extra things for games
3-useing the net to download whole games and ,movies
4-microsoft was the first ones to say that the xbox is a media center first when they came out with the first xbox.Sony said that people wanted a game system not a media player and look what sony doing now.
5-sony coppied the moition controller from nintendo.

i'm also tired of hearing that sony is the inovatores of games and sony just copies and steals from them.The fact is that Metal Gear Solid was a nintendo exclusive first but sony stole it from nintendo.Sony stole most of their biggest sellers from nintendo and that's a fact.The point i'm making is that every one steals from every one so ps3 fanboys shouldn't throw stones at a glass house if they have one.

FreestyleBarnacle3337d ago

I thought the system was supposed to run along the lines of. 7 is good, if you like the genre then really good. 8 is great, fantastic if it's your kind of game, 9 is outstanding, must buy even if you don't like that kind of game much and 10 is Tony Hawk 3 and the Secret of Monkey Island. If anyone else wants a 10 then they need to start sacrificing their first born and doing Hoodoo dances.

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Spike473339d ago

hopefully I'm wrong, and I hope that douche Chris Buffa won't review Killzone 2.

eagle213338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

All of a sudden they feel "bad". LMAO

Sony and Nintendo should keep their exclusives away from gamedaily.

LeonSKennedy4Life3338d ago

I hear ya.

Expect an 8 from these guys.

JoySticksFTW3338d ago

this seems like applying the lube just before the a$$-reaming

I see tears a-plenty in your future :(

what's really messed up is that fanboys take such a simplistic view of game reviews. Either, the reviews mean too much and validates their purchase, or they believe that the reviews mean nothing at all.

Unfortunately, the reviews do mean something... Not to your enjoyment of the game, but in other ways.

When media members unfairly over-criticize a game and smacks it with a bad review, some people actually believe that FUD and the game sales suffer - which mean the devs suffer - which means we gamers will suffer when that dev goes out of business or decides to nix the sequel (r.i.p. Heavenly Sword 2).

Heck, this is one of PS3's problems - too many people actually believe the rediculous, negatives "articles" about the PS3 and opt to buy a cheaper alternative that's "better" anyways.

If a reviewers rates a game and backs it up with non-BS points -- great. But it seems that too many reviewers have agendas these day.

bohemian 233338d ago

I just don't get the hype over KZ2. It looks pretty good in the graphics department but it's not amazing. I didn't like the first one so maybe that's why I could care less about this one. Halo will always be the number one fps in my opinion. People can say what they want about the graphics because I know the aren't mind blowing but they aren't too bad either. It really comes down to gameplay and all of the little things bungie does right, even down to the web site and stat tracking.

dustgavin3338d ago

Perhaps you should reserve judgment till you actually play the game. You can like one game and still like others that are released.

rucky3338d ago

You're so cute when your jealous ;)

heyheyhey3338d ago

and you have a smashed-up PS3 as your avatar..

you should walk around with a sign saying "Mr. Predictable" on your forehead because your comment is so typical

Deadman643338d ago

And out come the sony fangirls to defend their last hope at a hit game this gen.

TheMART3338d ago

Well Bohemians worries aren't so strange seeing Killzone 1.

Furthermore, it seems that the Swedish review KZ2 got recently with an 8 out of 10 wrote about that lack of gameplay and originality.

Last but not least, the Dutch OPM review also talked about the same problem.

Looks like Sony pushed the team hard to get the graphics up to the E3 trailer from 2005, but left the gameplay a bit behind.

But we'll see when the real reviews from EDGE and IGN come in.

Bits-N-Kibbles3338d ago

where did KZ2 come into this article?

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Close_Second3338d ago

...gamers. The people who actually pay and play.

Kind of like how IMDb provides a better representation of movie reviews.

Scotracer3338d ago

If you look at areas where gamers can actually review gamers (such as User scores on gaming websites and meta sites) you will see that the fanboy degenerate, en masse, destroy the reputation of a game making this system mute. It's quite ironic since said fanboys hate the system where a single opinion can rate a game.

Oh how I chuckle.

Close_Second3338d ago

But lets not paint gamers with the same brush as fanboys.

PirateThom3338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

What I'd like to see on next gen consoles is a feedback system, where owners of the game can rate the game through the consoles, give a short summary and have it uploaded directly to an impartial website (and the same website for all three consoles).

Pipe dream, I know.

RememberThe3573338d ago

I think you can rate games on the playstation website, so maybe their already going in that direction.

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PirateThom3338d ago

This article is old... there's a comment on the page from 10/29/2008