220° - F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin PS3 Demo Impressions writes:
"I enjoyed Monolith's F.E.A.R. on the PC. I enjoyed it so much that I even played through those non-Monolith expansions that people refuse to recognize as canon. F.E.A.R.'s excellent artificial intelligence and satisfying gun play made for a memorable first person shooter. Its horror and scare tactics spiced things up, but at its core was a solid game which could stand on its own regardless of the dressing around it. When I heard the folks at Monolith were creating a sequel, I was intrigued. And when the demo hit the PlayStation Network, I was excited to take it for a test drive."

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Sasanova3466d ago (Edited 3466d ago )

demo for the game is good, but doesnt excuse the complete suck of the game itself...sorry, but this crap isnt worth a rent...if ur a ps3 owner and thinkin of getting this, ur an imbecile for not pre ordering killzone 2 for the 360 fans, dont think you have an FPS alternative, but you can always buy an RTS lawl

PixlSheX3466d ago

Well there's always a demo to choice: buy, rent or pass.

But IMO, WTF are ROBOTS doing on an horror game?

macalatus3466d ago


Exactly the point! The addition of robots and other "sci-fi" stuff just doesn't go along with a so-called supernatural horror game.

Bubbles for you!

ThanatosDMC3466d ago

I'm a FEAR fan. Bought the game on PC when it came out. FEAR2 is not as good as this one. Atmosphere being scary? Hell no!

Compared to FEAR1 demo or the real game to this FEAR2 demo(PS3 and PC) it's more action oriented even the suppose "scary" parts. It doesnt focus the player in noticing detail unlike the first.

The first had you going to dark corners and using your flash light or turning around corners just to be spooked. Also, the enemies seems easier compared to the first's demo.

Not to mention the whole mech idea... the first only had a humanoid mech suit... not a whole robot.

felidae3466d ago

wow, you're talking so much sh1t it's amazing.

let me tell you something: I think personally i'm a little bit more interested in FEAR 2 than in KZ2.

Ju3466d ago

I think the demo was spooky, well in that part where it played like the first one. The mech part was a complete different game, quite enjoyable, but kind of a different game all of a sudden.

Some light effects and the clarity of the environments are nice, though the outdoor areas look better then these "cartoony" indoors. Destruction is overrated, because very selective, TBH. I expected more after I saw the videos. And what's up with the frame rate ? I am the only one who experienced a "slide show" effect at times ? Maybe related to back ground loading or what (it seamed like a new section was loaded at that point, game is seamlessly, no level loading). To make it short, I thought the videos were pretty good, but after the demo I think its just like most games now. Good, but nothing out of the ordinary.

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DA_SHREDDER3466d ago

Sass, your pathetic. First off lets get things straight. Fear 2 looks and plays better on the 360. Ive played both, I know first hand. Secondly,, there is nothing wrong with owning both games. Ill be playing Fear 2 while you dont have anything to play. LAWL!

n4gzz3466d ago

how's better on 360 ? Oh, its 1080p against 480i or it has better AI on 360 ?

C_SoL3466d ago plays better on 360 even though its the same game. WOW

& @ Sasanova: Don't say anything. All PS3 owners have the choice to get both FEAR2 & KILLZONE2. Personally me I really enjoyed FEAR2 but it's nothing like KILLZONE2 with the exception that it's a FPS. I was in the beta to know:)

furymasterzero3466d ago

Ummm no, I played the PC, 360, and PS3 versions... PC is slightly better on Max Settings and the 360/PS3 versions are the EXACT same.

Consoldtobots3466d ago

this is probably one of the falsest and most untrue arguments to ever come out of this console race. So what if you get an extra frame per second in the 360 version of a lackluster multiplatform title? Think about it, everyone on here is telling you how they will get this AND Killzone 2 or just Killzone 2. THAT will be the difference maker this generation. EXCLUSIVES are what drives a brand not silly multiplatform titles. Now judging from the exclusives (or lack of) from microsoft I would say they have already lost this race. all the "superior" versions of multiplatform titles in the world won't change that and can' save a console that is looking more dated and irrelevant with each passing day.

Ju3466d ago

I'd say, people might want KZ2 and RE5 (for the kicks), tough for F2 to fit in between here.

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METtAL-GAMER3466d ago (Edited 3466d ago )

F.E.A.R.2 is gonna be awesome.It's been a while since I've played a good horror game.Killzone 2 is gonna be an awesome game too.I'm gonna buy both fear 2 and killzone 2.Why limit yourself?

The_Firestarter3466d ago

Exactly! We have the option to get both...unlike others. ;)

n4gzz3466d ago

Fear 2 is good horror game with no technical achievement. Game is flat. Overall its mediocre at best judging by demo.

Sasanova3466d ago

its a rental at best...people dump money on garbage games and watch them sit in the pile of prince of persias, dead spaces, and few others

Rockstar3466d ago (Edited 3466d ago )

Got POP as a gift have yet to unwrap it because I've been playing Deadspace.

The game is [email protected] from the sound to the graphics to the atmosphere.

Deadspace is a game that any survival horror fan should not be without.
The game is full of win as they say.

I'm sure I'm gonna love POP as well when I get to it.

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