How good and popular is the iPhone camera?

There are no flash, editing and zooming features on the iPhone camera. Some people think that the iPhone is a good smartphone with a weird camera, but flicker has a different story and most iPhone users would not accept that the camera sucks. There are many features that make the iPhone camera special and handy.

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player9113405d ago (Edited 3405d ago )

This is only because the iPhone has flicker support directly from their camera. Plus the amount of people who actually use flicker are roughly the same age range that get sucked into buying an iPhone.

So if the majority of people who use Flicker upload with their iPhone... doesn't mean they're cameras are better then any other brands phone. They just vote what they have. Perhaps they're biased towards their purchases.

Thats like someone buying a PS3 but saying a 360 is better (ain't gonna happen).

I iPhone's camera is decent but not that great.

Tempist3405d ago

I'm greatly offended that people believe that taking pictures with a phone camera is acceptable as taking pictures with any other camera. This is just really douchy logic and offends me as a student of photography.

Yeah any idiot with a camera can take a picture, but it takes disipline to take a proper, decent picture.

mirroredderorrim3406d ago

No clue, but Canon>all those cameras. :)

meepmoopmeep3405d ago

lol, oh, you're one of those, eh?

xplosneer3405d ago

That iPhone is 5th amongst high-end cameras...

socalr63404d ago

My lens coating got all scratched thanks to the plastic Agent 18 cover on my first gen iphone. Pics come out looing like that "Barbara Walters smudged lens effect"