My360: Grand Theft Auto IV - The Lost and Damned Preview

My360 Writes:
The Grand Theft Auto series has been the staple of free-roaming, mission-based action titles for close to a decade. It's a franchise that relies as much upon its story and strong characters as it does its engaging and innovative gameplay. When Grand Theft Auto IV was released in early 2008, it introduced us to an all-new physics engine in Euphoria that has already set a standard throughout the industry. It also gave us one of the most iconic and memorable video-game characters of the past few years in Niko Bellic. While GTA IV lacked some entertaining gameplay features from the likes of San Andreas and Vice City, it succeeded in providing a narrative-driven and relationship focused experience.

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komp3492d ago

$20 dollars lol. Thats a fair old chunk of cash just to kill Niko at the first ooportunity.

I killed Niko off by tossing the game into the Never play again box.